I didn’t sleep well caused of the loud talking, plus it was cold as usual. I need another blanket if I have to stay here longer.

It’s Saturday so I get to have my first shower. That’ll be the only activity for the day. The water was hot, but I couldn’t adjust the temperature. I enjoyed the private shower. I didn’t find being in the hole shocking as I did a couple of years ago for the first time. The shock value is not there. Of course, my thinking has changed tremendously. I didn’t want to think about anything dealing with the investigation. I’ll have to run things over my head soon to be ready.

J gave me a book and 3 stamped envelopes and a yellow writing tablet. I appreciate that. After breakfast, I went back to sleep. I had a good nap and the bed was warmed. I read and ate lunch and the morning’s gone. I wrote to J for a bit telling her about the routines in here. I got a couple of more books: Kafka’s “Parables and Paradoxes” and Lousie Levathes’ “When China Ruled the Sea.” I’m grateful to have something to read. I’ll definitely learn more about China and Kafka. I wrote the appeal as a citizen’s complaint. Hopefully it will help me get out of here sooner. I have plenty of writing materials. It’s time to write.

I did a few sets of yoga at night. I’ll workout tomorrow. I also need to start meditating. Time is going by faster than I thought. The night is quiet for a change.”


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