My knees, right angle and lower back are still hurting from yesterday’s physical activity. I don’t even know how the time went by so quickly.

I was interviewed by Lt. L concerning my property 602 on the court deadline. He responded to it and had me sign it. I signed for it saying I received 2 boxes of legal property. He mentioned that “You have a lot going on. Good luck.” I guess everyone in high ranking knows something about my situation.

I did some reading, then i wrote some Chinese characters. My penmanship is not well, but I did what I can to write. Hopefully someone will be satisfy with the writings.

I wrote a letter to the Archdiocese of L.A. Sr. J asking her to write a support letter for me. I also wrote a letter to M. I didn’t receive anything from J. Mr. W finally wrote and said he’ll schedule for a visit. Let’s see what excuses he has to justify his non-responses to my requests.

I got my 602 response back form second level in the property issue. It’s going to the third level. The administration is too arrogant. I’ts digging a hole for itself.

I went through my legal boxes and got what I need for exhibits. I should be hearing from the court soon. I still haven’t got my I.E. report yet. There’re four more days left on my 115 to be heard or it’ll pass the time limit. It’ll have to be reissued and heard. I don’t know what they are thinking. If they try to drag this think on, they’re stupid. Time is to my advantage.

The good spirit is working its magic for me and Mike. He went to his hearing tonight. Lt. Y heard his 115. He started to find him guilty before the hearing start, but after he heard all the evidence, he said he can’t find him guilty. However, he’s under pressure from the administration to find Mike guilty. Either he does the lawful thing or he’ll have to go against the law. I pray that he does what’s evident.

I’m glad things are happening that way. I hope my luck is even better. I need to move on and get out the prison. God bless me.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.

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