The long anticipated ICC hearing is here. I waited in the cage with my prepared written statement. Associate Warden W was the head of ICC. I stated that I have not received the 72 hours notice. Counselor E sworn that he handed me the notice personally. I insisted that I did not receive any paperwork. He then said he gave it to an Officer to give the notice to me. I did not get it. A.W. W looked in my C-file and found the notice. It made Mr. E looked like a fool. Instead of postponing the hearing, I decided to sign the waiver since I was prepared. I had a chance to read my statement and turned it over to CCII H. A.W. W said ICC did not violate my right of due process because the warden saw me, but it was postponed. They did violate my right since they didn’t review me. When I said ICC violated my right to be outside of my cell to exercise, A.W. W said, “I know.” I hope my 602 will wind at the end. These people are violating my right. I was told I will be retained in Ad Seg pending the completion of the investigation. I’ll be in Ad Seg for awhile. I want to feel regret, but I just have to go with the flow. There is a purpose for everything.

I help “Little” with his statement for board.

I read the newspaper for the night, A sent me a postcard before she left for business and vacation. She knows what happened and wants to know more. She hinted that G might come visit me. I don’t have much to say when I see her. I appreciate her concern.

I’m set to stay here for awhile.


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