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Oct 17, 2011
» Reflections

I was tossing and turning when Mike woke me up in the morning. He guessed it right. He was transferred to Solano prison. He left me his goodies and books. I said a prayer for him. I’ll miss him, but was glad that he moved on. At least he’s not in the hole now. Rico thought I was leaving also.

Counselor S gave me my Olson review, hearing notice and updated my board report. She asked me to write out my version of the instant offense. I’ll give it to her tomorrow.

I found out that I was put up for transfer to a prison next to Corcoran “SATF” (Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.) I hope that doesn’t happen.

I wrote to KW, CC and G about it. I asked KW and CC to write a letter to CSR for me. I don’t mind going to Solano. I wrote to M, J, S, and B. I asked J to write a support letter for me. I told everyone about my pending transfer. I sent the letter out to Mike’s parents and his 602 out. I wrote my version of the crime.

I ate a lot today. A part of me wants to move on, but I don’t want to go anywhere down south. It’s too far from the family. I just have to trust that things will go through for me in court. Gods bless me.