History In The Making

This is truly a day the Lord has made. Not that I’m religious, but that’s what came to my mind as i reflect on today’s events.

Mayor Lee announced today that he will be running for re-election. Let the race begin.

CYC opened its branch office in the Bayview to begin a multi-cultural youth leadership program called the Bayview Youth Advocates to develop youth to become leaders of tomorrow by taking ownership of the community and lead by example to promote racial harmony.

My brother from another mother Marc and wife Linda begin their parenthood  by giving birth to Brendon Tokio Freedom Ching. Welcome to the world Brendon.



My neighbor and I had good conversations. He’s doing 127 years to life. How can someone do all that time? It’s a relief to know that he’s still staying strong and live his life.

I had a decent workout before shower. I didn’t complete the exercise. The cold shower at the end felt great.

J’s letter got here from L.A. She spoke of her parents and family member felt about her staying in China. I was able to speak on some of her concerns before she brought them up. I did what I could to share my views with her. I sent her the 30 page letter tonight. I also wrote to Mom just to say hi.

There was no law library today. Hopefully I’ll make it next week.

Mike is back in SQ. I was surprised when he yelled out my name. He was in AC (Adjustment Center) for three days. We chatted it for a while. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to stay. We’ll see.  I just want to move on.

I haven’t receive any letter from some expected friends. Hopefully they’re doing well. I saw Rico when he went to shower.

C/O T said he got some from Ohio University. I’m ready to start the studying on psychology 211, I think. I’ll be able to finish my course in good time with good grade.

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