My right fingers and hand are sored form printing letters all night.

I drafted and rewrote my letter to the Lawyer committee for Human Rights. I also sent one out to Senator Burton, Assemblyman Aroner, and the Inspector General’s Office. I asked for their intervention in defending my civil rights. I will send more out on Sunday to other politicians. I sent my 602 out on 3135 (section of the Title 15.)

I received a letter from K. It must’ve been a delayed letter. She said she saw LM on PBS one day.

I had a productive night. Something’s going to break soon. I have to stay focus and keep fighting for my rights.

I’m still sick, but I got better. I rested all morning. I finished reading “The Sun.” I like this magazine. Hopefully I’ll be well tomorrow so I can play ball and exercise. I ate a lot throughout the day. I still sneeze from time to time.

May all my friends be well. My family be healthy and happy.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.

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