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Oct 18, 2011
» Reflections

Parting of friends is the theme for this week. I haven’t got a chance to miss mike’s departure to Solano yesterday. Then Rico left this afternoon. This morning I was out with Rico talking about Mike’s transfer. We were saying how Mike would be able to watch the World Series. We played a couple games of 3 on 3. We showered and kicked it for a while. We didn’t think that he would leave today. The cop told him to pack his property right before dinner. Right after dinner he was transferred. He stopped by to say good bye. I knew it was a relief for Rico because he’s ready to move on.

After he left I felt alone. I went through a few minutes of emotional changes. It was too sudden when he told me that he’s leaving. I kept myself busy so I didn’t have to deal with the fear of loneliness. I almost cry. I’ll miss Rico.

I received a letter from OIG (Office of the Inspector General.) It denied my allegation that the San Quentin administration violated my rights. They all worked together. I’ll have to win it in the court.

Blu was denied 2 years at the BPT yesterday. He had a visit and didn’t want to come out to the yard. I hope he’ll stay strong and keep on fighting.

I read tabloid paper to take my mind away from the reality. I couldn’t help but thought about the fact that I might end up in SATF soon. I have no control of the situation. I said a few prayers for Mike, Rico and myself, my family and friends. Hopefully things will work out for me.

My priority is to go home, God willing. It’s solo from now on.