Things don’t always happen as plan. I didn’t get all the letters sent out as I wanted to. I received a letter form Assemblywoman Aroner. She wrote to Gray Davis and CDC director Bob Presely to inquire about our situation in Ad Seg. She is the first politician responded to our letters. I wrote her back and sent her a copy of my article in the Weekly.

I wrote to Yuri and asked her to write to Aroner and ask others to do the same. I wrote to M and asked her to write a support letter and gave her G’s address. I wrote to G and gave her an update and said hello. Hopefully she’s all right.

I went through my paperwork to check if I’m organized. I didn’t do much in the morning. I sent a letter to the lawyer to give him an update. Hopefully he got my letter.

I started to read another James Patterson book, “Pop Goes the Weasel.”

New cops are on the job because of the new schedule. One second tier cop, short Pinoy didn’t want to process my legal mail to Assemblywoman Aroner. He has no idea of what the rule says. He has an attitude problem. I’ll have to write him up.

I received a status printout of my active appeals. A couple of my appeals were never processed. We’ll see how the others go.

I ate a lot as usual. I need to slow down or speed up my exercise.

I got some things done today.


I didn’t time it right so I wasn’t able to write the letters to the politicians. I’ll do it tomorrow. The whole afternoon and evening were utilized to write letters. I wrote to Rudy C and thanked him for helping me out. I wrote to Mom, Yuri, Sis Roger, KW, and CC. I sent Yuri the SQ3 picture. She’ll like that. I sent Roger all the articles I had about me. He should use that to generate some support. I asked CC to send me the copies of proposals to Berkeley. I told KW about my 115 hearing and decision to go forward with the parole hearing. I told Sis the same thing. I’m glad I was able to get those letters out.

I did a short workout with Rico. Mike went to his visit with his parents. I talked to R for awhile. The day went by quickly. I have to be prepared for the upcoming hearing and ICC adverse actions.

God willing things will work out.


I was surprised when I was called for a visit at eight o’clock. I didn’t know who could be coming. I got out to the visiting at about quarter til eight after I took a shower. I waited until eight thirty-five before Roger showed up. I had a chance to meditate a bit. It was great seeing Roger. He was outside the gate at 7:30, but wasn’t able to get in until 8:30. He ended up staying until 10:30 when the lady Officer Ms. K kicked him out. We had good conversations on different topics. We talked about our family and well beings. I listened more whenever I talk to Roger. He’s a great friend and brother. He’s going to help me with my support letter writing campaign. Mom will be happy knowing that he visited.

I came back from my visit around ten after eleven. I was called to my 115 hearing. I wished it was fair, but it wasn’t. Lt. M ignored all the evidence and violation of PC (Penal Code) Title 15 DOM (Department Operation Manual) and found me guilty of an administrative 115. He used some other charge in the Title 15 to support his finding. Apparently he had talked to Lt. N and had to railroad me. He sounded stupid and illogical when he tried to justify himself. I wasn’t too surprise. I did speak up for myself even though he didn’t listened or cared. I just have to go through the appeal process. I made sure he had an ear full from me.

I wrote my declaration. The rest of the day I kicked back, napped and read. I feel calm. There’s a better tomorrow. Things will work out accordingly.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.


A surprised me again by coming up in the morning to see me. She was still sleepy. She had problem at the gate again. I waited two minutes before she showed up. I gave her an update on what’s going on with my situation. I did a lot of fast talking and I listened. We talked about politics, the PLO, worldly events, and BPT. Time went by too quick.

I showed Rico and Blue the ninth circuit news clipping. Hopefully things will stand. We worked out. Mike and Rico can’t hang with the Machine (a strenuous exercise routine) yet. The lawyer took care of things for me. He’s overwhelmed. I want to help him if I could.

CC dropped me a postcard asking me to write the court to appoint counsel. I think it’s too late.

I received another letter from Mom with 4 photos. She talked to R and asked him to see me. RC wrote a support letter for me. It was well written. He also showed me love by writing some wisdom and sent me 2 photos of United Playaz. I want to join him to save lives.

I did a lot of fishing tonight. I didn’t like it. I didn’t relax. It was a good day. I hope things will only get better.


Happy birthday Sis! Sis’s bday bought me good energy and a peaceful mind. May she be healthy, happy and continued success.

I was expecting to go to my 115 hearing today, but it didn’t happened. I’m ready whenever Lt. M decides to do it. I wrote an additional defense statement from the case Newell v. Gunnell. It’s a strong cease to support my claim.

I cooked lunch today for the SQ3. I made a noddle log with corn chips, meat log, carrots, and pepper condiments. It was delicious, hole standard. Mike liked it. I’ll find out if Rico liked it.

I took a nap in the morning. I felt tired. I didn’t get a chance to get the letters out to politicians. They’ll go out on Sunday.

I received letters from Mom, A, J and a postcard from A. I wrote A back and gave her an update. I wrote to Mom and thanked her for sending me 11 pictures. Mom and Dad looked good in the pictures and they’d enjoyed themselves. I love Mom.

J had three letters in and a visa photo. I wrote her back a quick note. A is helping me out with the letters. She told me 20 youth signed up for our study group. I’m excited to see it happened. I wrote her and asked her to contact G and A. I wondered what happened to G. Did my poem affect her? I hope she’s all right. I appreciate A’s friendship. She loves people.

I read an article in the newspaper on the favorable ruling concerning lifers who had been granted dates, but will take it into the same category. I felt excited at the prospect of appealing and get to go home. I hope so.

I sent KW a brief letter telling him I decided to go through with the hearing instead of postponing. I took the lawyer’s advice.

CCI E came see me about the postponement of hearing again. He’s desperate to get me to postpone the hearing. What a snake! He’ll be surprised when I tell him the news.

My body is torn up. I need some serious healing. May the love of my family and friends continued to sustain me. May I be home with my parents in the near future.

Things are starting to move along. I was called to my 115 hearing at ten till ten this morning. Lt. M was the hearing officer. He wasn’t prepared and seemed like he’s set to find me guilty. I stayed until ten til eleven and I was called to my attorney visit. Lt. M postponed the hearing due to the legal visit. I thought he was saved by the bell to make a decision. I turned in all my defense statements and supporting documents. Hopefully he’ll be impartial and find me not guilty.

I visited with PLO’s (Prison Law Office) KW from 11 to 12:35. We discussed about my situation in Ad Seg. I gave him a brief update on my status. Then we talked about the writ. He suggested that filling the writ might  not be the best idea. It’ll take a long time dealing with appeals by the board even if I win in the court. If I get a date from BPT, I would get out sooner. However, I pointed out to him that if I don’t get a date the process will take just as long, 8 months to a year and a half. He agreed. He also suggested that either I filed a write pro per and ask him to be appointed or wait til the end of October when he’s free and file the writ. I said I’ll get back to him. he apologized for his lack of communication. He said if I wanted someone to represent me, that would be fine. I just might do that if that’s the case. he seemed like he had changed his demeanor with me. I expressed my dissatisfaction with him. He assured me that he’s on board with me. He wants to help me all the way. I’ll hold him to that. I still have to get my feedback from the lawyer first. I wrote KW to say thank you.

I received a letter from Yuri. She loved my poem and wanted to put it in her memoir. I said hell yeah! She met S and wanted to start a San Quentin 3 committee to help me and the guys. It’s a great idea. Yuri’s for it and will help publicize our plight and Ethnic Studies. She’s interested in the fight for Ethnic Studies. I wrote her back and gave her some details. She said that I should get my writings published so colleges can use it to teach Asian Americans about prison. I agreed, but I don’t know how to do that yet. I was pumped by her letter as usual. I shared it with Mike. He liked it. I’m sure he’s excited.

I wrote to K and told her what happened today. I have been busy all day. I got my canteen, only junk food. I gave Blue Eyes 10 stamps for drawing the praying hand to Rico. He’s happy I was so generous.

I called Mom again, but no one was home so I left a brief message. She’s probably in Oakland while Sis is on vacation.

I did some fishing. I got my two appeals back. I have to send them to the lawyer to process. It’s a lot of work. He told me he filed my write already. That was quick. I appreciate it.

I saw a few guys on the way back from visit. Hopefully I’ll be back on the line soon so I can work on going home. God willing. I pray that all is well with family and friends.



We had a semi difficult workout today. Mike’s not in shape so we didn’t push it. We did 100 10 counts burpees, 200 single leg squats, 200 wide stance squats, 20 Jasiris, and 100 mountain climbers. It was a decent workout, especially after playing a little bit of basketball.

I talked to Blue for a bit. Mike got his notice for ICC on Friday. After he told E that he’s 115 was heard. N gave him the notice and gave Mike the adjudication of the 115. I’ll be interesting to see how things unfold with Mike. I read his adjudication. If the hearing officer goes by evidence instead of trying to railroad me, there’s no way I’ll get find guilty. I think that’s one of the reasons why my 115 hasn’t been heard. We’ll see.

G and P come by briefly. After P left, I shared my poem with G. he was touched by it. I know he would appreciate it since he knows my situation. It’s always good to see friends.

Mike and I went to the law library. I did some research and made some copies. My lawyer helped me tremendously. He’s been inundated with paperwork. He’s a good brother. I do hope that I’ll be able to see him soon. G told me about MJ’s write on BPT. I hope I’ll get to read it and use it to help me with my parole situation.

I received a letter from K and C. I was able to write C back. She’s still getting over J’s passing. It’s understandable. I’m glad I could help her. K wrote a long letter. She offered to help me with my parole situation and gave me her telephone numbers and email. She sent me the Capaeria book from Amazone.com. I hope I’ll get it. I started to write to her, but didn’t finish. I’ll have more letters to write tomorrow.

I’m tired right now from being out more than usual. May the great spirit of love bless my family, friends and I.


The fact that I haven’t been call for my 115 hearing bothers me a little. It’s the fact of not knowing that’s eating at me. The truth is I can’t do anything about it, but wait.

I was called down to the Lieutenant’s office for a phone interview with Counselor K. She interviewed me for about ten minutes concerning my 7/14 citizen’s compliant. CC II H asked her to do it. She told me the response over the phone, but I can’t remember anything. All my issues were rejected. I just want to get the appeal back so I can process and exhaust it. That way I can file writ in the courts.

After the phone interview I asked Lt. L for a phone call. He said cool and dialed Mom’s number for me. On one was home in San Jose or Oakland. Just my luck. Hopefully I can try again next time when I’m around the office area.

I felt tire so I slept for a while. Then I pulled out my statistic book and studied for a while. It’s hard for me to concentrate and remember all the different terms. It requires repetition to study the terms. I need to get busy on it because I only have about six months left to finish it.

I didn’t receive any letters today. I wrote to H, B, A and P. I’ve pretty much written to all the people who I think would write support letters for me. We’ll see how many people will write for me. I’m still waiting for KW to come visit me. Unless he has some good reasons to convince me he’s willing to help me, I’m firing him.

I hope things will work out for me and my friends accordingly.


It has been a busy night for me. I managed to write eight letters and rearranged my appeals. I wrote to M, Sis, J, A, K, S, R and J. I asked them to write support letters for me and gave them a brief update of my situation. I’m sure they’ll do what they can to help me. I sent Sis a birthday card. Hopefully she has a chance to relax in Hawaii.

I sent another 602 to CCI n the violation of 3335. I also wrote to the appeal’s coordinator about the status of my appeals. I took care of business.

I went to yard. I played a couple of games against H. He’s a liar and a cheater. I did get a good sweat. Afterward we worked out. We did steps, burpees and pushups. We need to do more of it. I got some protein to refuel. Maybe I’ll gain some muscle weight.

I still haven’t been to my 115 hearing the time limit has expired. I think they did it on purpose after they saw the I.E. report and can’t find me guilty. They’re trying to set me up. I have to stay focus and be alert.

May the good spirit be with me always.


I have been anticipating for my 115 to be heard today. It’s been thirty days since the report was issued. Now the time has expired and my due process was violated. I did some last minute studying on my notes and statements for the hearing.

I was called over the P.A.(public address system), but was cancelled. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t relax all day. I was ready for the hearing and felt a little nervous. Now I can relax until tomorrow.

I read a little, then cooked lunch. Mike was sleeping so I had to soak the food in hot water to keep it warm. I like the lunch.

I wrote a letter to M, but I’m not finished. I’ll do more letter writing tomorrow. Another in the mad house.


My angle still hurts when I move it up and down. I didn’t play any games of basketball today. Rico and I walked around and talked for a while. We spoke about our families and how we feel about the whole thing. He’s been kicking back too much. We did some burpees, pushups and squats. It was beautiful out. I talked to R for a bit. He told me to stay focus on my goal. I had a good lunch.

My I.E. C came by and dropped off her report. She wasn’t able to reached HM. The other five witnesses answered the questions. They support my claim in the statements that they had provided. The time the 115 was issued was at 11:45. The I.E. gave me the report at 12:05. by the time my 115 gets heard, they had violated my due process. It’ll be more than 30 days. I’ll point that violation out the them in the hearing.

I received a piece of mail and the Harper magazine. When I looked at the return address I didn’t recognized the name right away. When I did realized it was from M. I was feeling happy that she finally wrote. She just wanted to holler. I look forward to meeting her too.

My much anticipated legal mail arrived. The write was denied. No evidentry hearing. That’s a big blow on us. Hopefully there’s a way I can still win.

I did a little revise on my statement for the hearing. I didn’t do much else. The time went by too fast. I got the Chinese stamp from my friend. I feel tired right now physically.


Again, the day went by quickly. I had plenty to do. I received my canteen today, but some items were missing as usual. I gave some stuff to Mike and Rico. I also gave some soups to the neighbors since they don’t have anything.

I didn’t make it to the library so Rico made some copies for me. He messed up by not copying double sided, lost my board recommendation sample and sent the wrong thing to the lawyer. He’s too dull.

Counselor E came by to get me to sign the parole hearing notice. He asked if I’m signing to postpone my hearing as if he knows that I’m going to postpone it. When I said that I’ll have to talk to my attorney first and that I might go to the hearing, he said that I would be going in yellow (All solitary prisoners wear yellow jumpsuit as a way to separate from the reception “orange” and mainline “blue” population.) He stated the warden wants to transfer the three of us even if she has to go to the review board. He said there were too many disgruntled lifers on the line about what happened. We’ll see.

G dropped by briefly. He’s on the move.

I received a letter form J finally. It was great to hear from her. ZY’s jealous that I wrote her long letters. Oh well. I sent her a card to acknowledge her letter. S surprised me by writing again. He’s very loyal to me. I wrote him back and try to talk some sense into him to stay productive. I found out that A and K have the same b-day. I sent them each a belated b-day card. I wrote J a short letter asking for her support. She probably won’t write. I wrote to M and sent him my poem and article. Hopefully he’s doing well.

I still haven’t receive my I.E. report. Tomorrow is the deadline for them to hear my 115 and the court’s deadline to respond to my denial. May the judge ruled in my favor. The whole situation is getting complicated and is looking better for me. Hopefully I’m doing the right thing by fighting all the way. I have to follow through.


My knees, right angle and lower back are still hurting from yesterday’s physical activity. I don’t even know how the time went by so quickly.

I was interviewed by Lt. L concerning my property 602 on the court deadline. He responded to it and had me sign it. I signed for it saying I received 2 boxes of legal property. He mentioned that “You have a lot going on. Good luck.” I guess everyone in high ranking knows something about my situation.

I did some reading, then i wrote some Chinese characters. My penmanship is not well, but I did what I can to write. Hopefully someone will be satisfy with the writings.

I wrote a letter to the Archdiocese of L.A. Sr. J asking her to write a support letter for me. I also wrote a letter to M. I didn’t receive anything from J. Mr. W finally wrote and said he’ll schedule for a visit. Let’s see what excuses he has to justify his non-responses to my requests.

I got my 602 response back form second level in the property issue. It’s going to the third level. The administration is too arrogant. I’ts digging a hole for itself.

I went through my legal boxes and got what I need for exhibits. I should be hearing from the court soon. I still haven’t got my I.E. report yet. There’re four more days left on my 115 to be heard or it’ll pass the time limit. It’ll have to be reissued and heard. I don’t know what they are thinking. If they try to drag this think on, they’re stupid. Time is to my advantage.

The good spirit is working its magic for me and Mike. He went to his hearing tonight. Lt. Y heard his 115. He started to find him guilty before the hearing start, but after he heard all the evidence, he said he can’t find him guilty. However, he’s under pressure from the administration to find Mike guilty. Either he does the lawful thing or he’ll have to go against the law. I pray that he does what’s evident.

I’m glad things are happening that way. I hope my luck is even better. I need to move on and get out the prison. God bless me.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.


My whole body is in pain, especially my knees, lower back and neck. I got banged up playing basketball today. I fell hard when going after a rebound. My feet got tangled with Mike’s.  Then i twisted my right angle. the hardest blow came when Mike’s shoulder hit my chin when going up for a layup. My jaw and head snapped back. It’s too dangerous. We did some burpees, 100 6 counts. It was a fun and physical day.

After yard I did an inventory of my property. Officer I bough them by from North Block. He gave me two boxes of legal works. He’ll have to inventory the rest and give me what’s allowable. My boxes were opened and inventoried by North Block staff. I haven’t had a chance to look through everything yet.

I didn’t get any mail today. I was hoping that I’ll get call to library, but i didn’t. I have to make some major copies. I managed to write some letters to ask for support. I wrote to Fr. O, Rev. K, P, EC, L and J. I hope they’ll write letters for me. G came by. He’ll try to get me a job offer and others to write letters for me.

I got today’s Chronicle and yesterday’s Press Democrat. It’s been a while since I got to read a newspaper. I have plenty to read.

I took a Ibuprofen for my pain. I know I’ll feel it more tomorrow.

I didn’t get any notice for ICC today, so i won’t be going this week. I wonder what’s taking them so long to hear our 115. It’s getting late on the date. I know they’re up to no good. We’ll see.


*This reflection is written 9 years ago today.


I didn’t manage my time well so I didn’t get all the letters I wanted out. I wrote to Yuri and sent her the visiting approval form. The visiting processing was slow. I’m glad that she’s approved.

I wrote to A and asked her to write support letter for me. I told her about the website situation. I wrote to D and K asking them for support. I wrote to G and sent her my documents and asked her to share them with my friends. Hopefully things will work out. It can only get better.

The day went by too quick it seemed. I didn’t feel like a shower since I didn’t do anything. I let my body recuperate. I got some magazines to read. I appreciate them. My citizen’s complaint got kicked back to me. The Appeal’s Coordinator is wrong to screen 8it out claiming it was a duplicate. I’ll get them for violating my due process.

I didn’t hear from J. Hopefully she received my letters and is doing all right.

Another day in the mad house.


Finally, there was yard today. It’s a cloudless sky for a while until around noon time. The sun was out early. Mike hurt his wrist from falling inside the shower so we couldn’t play any games. We shot around and practiced handling the ball. I got a little sweat. Hopefully we’ll work out on Tuesday. Rico and I kicked for a bit, just bonding. He gave me twenty stamps. I needed them.

I took a nap after lunch. Then I got busy writing letters to friends. I wrote to M, Yuri, A, S, R, W, sis and Mom. I asked them to write support letters for me in anticipation of my parole hearing. I sent Yuri and M copies of the letter to politicians. Hopefully they can help draw some attention on our plight. I have more letters to write tomorrow night. I’ll be busy all day.

I bumped my left knee against the bunk. It hurt. My fingers hurt from all the jams playing basketball. I need to do more yoga and stretching exercises to heal myself. I have not done much yoga lately.

May the Gods continued to smile on me.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.


In the past six days I probably have been out of the cell for about three hours. The rest of the time somehow passed quickly in the cell. I read a lot. That’s a good thing. I just finished reading Roses are Red by Patterson. I started last night and was done tonight. That’s how I pass my time today. It’s a break from all the legal work and from thinking too much. I enjoyed myself.

I cooked lunch for Mike and I. With the limited ingredients I got, it turned out pretty good. I chopped up some peppers and carrots I got from the lunch bag. I cooked the noodles and the meat log separately. Then I added seasoning and mixed everything in a chip bag. Mike liked it and wanted me to do it again. I don’t mind. We just need the ingredients.

I have some letters to write tomorrow to solicit support letters from friends. I need their help urgently. My time is limited since my BPT report is due on 10/14/02. Hopefully things will work out.

A and the kids had their demonstration at city hall today. I prayed for their success. I’m ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.


I was ready for yard after workout. However, there was a shake down. No yard. That’s twice this week.

I was called for ICC as expected. I waited for a while with my statement ready. Then by the time I went, counselor E found out that I did get a 115 and it wasn’t heard. He said he’ll call me next week. I haven’t received my IE report yet. Counselor S sent me a note informing me that I’m scheduled for the December calendar for BPT (Board of Prison Terms.) I haven’t get my support letters ready yet. I’ll have to postpone the hearing until the situation is over and that I get all my support letters. I have to write letters over the weekend.

S sent me a postcard from Washington. She’ll be back tomorrow and try to come see me next week.

I got my 9/4 602 back, rejected because It’s a duplicate, but it’s not. The appeal’s coordinator is screening out my 602s, violating my due process. I’ll keep at it.

I kicked back the rest of the day reading. I look forward t another day. I pray that A and the youth will have a successful demonstration tomorrow.


*This is a reflection from 9 years ago today.


I can never get enough of encouragement from friends and family. Yuri wrote and sent me a reading by a congresswoman. She expressed her concerns about my Ad Seg situation. She encouraged me to write. She sent another visiting form for approval. I wrote her back and explained my situation.

Mom wrote. She had a great trip. She worried about me as usual. I wrote her a brief letter telling her what’s new with me. I’ll write again on Sunday.

A wrote. That was a pleasant surprise. She offered to do the website for me. I’ll take up her offer.

I sent five letters to politicians. Hopefully I’ll get some response. I wrote to Polanco, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, and Nation. I finished reading Zami and started reading All That’s Solid Melts Into Air and Chinamen.

Rico gave me some soups and so did Mike.

The day was productive. I went to the law library and made copies and did research. I wrote my statement for the ICC, just in case. I heard from the lawyer. He did the best to help me. I got a note fro the ERO concerning my citizen’s complaint.

I did a light workout in the morning before shower. I feel better receiving letters from family and friends.

The future is unknown, but I’m ready. All is well at the end. I have to have fate.


Finally, I received a letter, from France at that. I recognized the handwriting. D was visiting friends there. She’s back now. I’m glad she always had me in her thoughts. I didn’t get anything else from friends. I also hope that CC would come visit me today, but he didn’t. I still don’t know if B has received my request. Oh well, things will progress as well.

I finished reading Lorde’s book Zami. I got to know her life and her writing style. I still need to read more of her writing to see her political side.

Today is the first anniversary of the WTC (World Trad Center) and Pentagon bombing. I’m sure there are a lot going on out there in the free world. In here things are the same, locked up 24/7 and noisy. It’s just another day. I have no TV, radio, newspaper, so I don’t know much about the happenings of the world. See no evil, hear no evil.

G dropped by briefly to say hi. It’s good to see somebody especially a friend.

I thought about D for a while this afternoon, just reminiscing and wishing. How much things have changed since then!? I’m sure we’ll meet again.

I did a little study on Statistic. That was good.

I have been eating and not exercising. I was more disciplined the first couple of months. Another 24/7 passed.


No letters in, no letters out. I didn’t make it to the library so I couldn’t send the letters out to the politicians. Things didn’t go smooth today. Yard was cancelled due to search in Downer section. I was disappointed, but I didn’t get bent out of shape. I’m way passed that stage. The next two days I’ll be spending them in the cell except for shower or visit.

I finished reading Zia’s book. I enjoyed the history lessons and her memoir. I learned many new facts. I read the book in four days. I’m glad New York sent me that book.

CCI E dropped by around 12:00 to give me the 128-B notice for ICC on Friday considering for my transfer. I haven’t been to my 115 hearing yet. It’s a conspiracy staged by the administration to get rid of me. Mike got the same notice. I’ll fight it all the way. Hopefully the Marin Court will help me out.

I slept, ate and read all day. I did a little writing to the lawyer. Hopefully he can help me too. I’m looking forward to hearing from J and Mom.


Today is the first time I didn’t shower when it was my turn. I slept in. Then I read Zia’s book. I learned a lot about the Asian American movements. The lack of unity is still prevalent today among different Asian groups. That will always exist when the goal for people is to become rich. I want to finish reading the book tomorrow. I stop in between to write the letters to the politicians. I have a couple more to go.

My I.E. Officer C came by and told me that I can only have 3 witnesses. She said that’s what “they” told her. Well, there is no limit to how many witnesses I can call according to the Title 15. I reluctantly chose 3 inmate witnesses and 3 outside witnesses. They’re violating my rights. I signed a declaration on what’d transpired. “They” will pay for their violations.

My food stock is running low, but I still eat plenty. I rested my body today. Everything is going to be all right – in the morning. I didn’t receive any mail today. I should get a letter from J soon. I haven’t done my studying on the Statistic course. I can’t concentrate on it right now. I do need to start again. At least do my first lesson homework. I also need to study my Spanish just to refresh my vocabularies.


It’s always nice to be out on the yard with friends. We played a few games of basketball. I had a good sweat. We have to start working out. I had my hair trimmed by H.

My mind is not thinking logically. I took a nap in the afternoon. The rest of the day I read Zia’s book. I felt my blood boiling and moist in my eyes when I was reading the section on Vincent Chin. I can identify with what she wrote in the book of her experience. I’m glad I got the book because I’m learning history.

I didn’t write today. Tomorrow is another struggle.


*This reflection is written 9 years ago today.


It’s a down day so I slept in. I was hoping for a visit, but no one showed up. That’s how I put myself in a conflict. I don’t want to bother people to come see me, but I hope that someone would come.

I read Lorde’s book. In the afternoon, I got three more books. I picked up Helen Zia’s book “Asian American Dreams” and flipped through the back pages. In the acknowledgement section I saw M’s name. It was a coincident that I looked in the back. I’ll write to her and mention my discovery. I read 40 pages of the book. It’s a history book combined with her memoir and thinking or the other way around. Reading the book made me thought about writing my own. Maybe one day it will happen. I ate a lot more than I should have, but I kept doing it. My cold is almost gone. I should be fine tomorrow.

I wrote a letter Nancy Pelosi. I’ll mail it out when I get copies of attachments. J asked me for some legal advice. I did my best to help him. I also helped my neighbors out on coffee and soups. I don’t mind helping, but I dislike being used.

Rico went to his 115 hearing and was found guilty, but it was reduced to a 128. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I’m feeling…


*This is a reflection written 9 years ago today.


“Whenever a prisoner goes to ICC (Institution Classification Committee,) it is his or her legal right to receive a 72 hour notice so he or she can prepare for any committee hearing that will dictate his or her wellbeing. However, prison officials are notorious in violating prisoners of their rights of notification. Unfortunately, most of the prisoners do not understand their rights or how to exercise them. As a result, prison officials usually get away with knowingly trembling on prisoners’ rights. “

I feel better physically. I played basketball with the guys for a couple of hours. Then I felt tire and weak. We talked briefly and just enjoyed each other’s company. B finally made it to the Big yard.

The Officer who escorted me to yard asked if I want to go to ICC or yard. I was surprised because I didn’t get any notice for ICC. I told Sgt. G that I’m not refusing to go to ICC, but I need 72 hours notice. I’m assuming that Counselor E got my 602 and decided to take me to ICC. I’ll be ready when I go.

I read for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel like writing. I read “Zami,” Audre Lorde’s book. My eyes are paying the price. I like the book because of her writing. I will write like that when I write my book.

CC sent me a copy of the Warden’s letter in response of his letter. That might be another reason why I was scheduled for ICC.

My court deadline for access to my property 602 is on the first level. I have a bunch of Citizen’s Complaints on the prison. They keep violating my rights.

I’m still eating like crazy. I’m not hungry when I eat. I just like to eat. I will rest some more and get well by Sunday for the workout.

*This is a reflection written 9 years ago today.


My right fingers and hand are sored form printing letters all night.

I drafted and rewrote my letter to the Lawyer committee for Human Rights. I also sent one out to Senator Burton, Assemblyman Aroner, and the Inspector General’s Office. I asked for their intervention in defending my civil rights. I will send more out on Sunday to other politicians. I sent my 602 out on 3135 (section of the Title 15.)

I received a letter from K. It must’ve been a delayed letter. She said she saw LM on PBS one day.

I had a productive night. Something’s going to break soon. I have to stay focus and keep fighting for my rights.

I’m still sick, but I got better. I rested all morning. I finished reading “The Sun.” I like this magazine. Hopefully I’ll be well tomorrow so I can play ball and exercise. I ate a lot throughout the day. I still sneeze from time to time.

May all my friends be well. My family be healthy and happy.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.


Somehow I caught a cold today. My nose is running a little. I think it’s because I got out of bed early in the morning and got cold.

P left this morning around 2am to Avenal Prison. He was expecting the call. I just woke up in the middle of my sleep and heard that he was leaving. He’s an interesting character and a good person to befriend. I wish I had known him earlier. I said goodbye to him. Then I went back to sleep.

I didn’t even eat breakfast. I had a good nap. Then I ate a bit in the morning and afternoon. I read “The Sun” magazine and lay in bed. I waited until after dinner before I write my letters.

I received a letter from A, AY, and C. A gave me an update and some encouraging words of wisdom. She made me feel hopeful and excited. I wrote her back and thanked her. I wrote to AY and told him I’ll have L contact him. He sent me the article he wrote. He said a reporter from a local news station wants to use my situation to make his point. I wrote to Sis and asked her to call him, call KW and help me with my parole. I told her how I feel about my freedom. Hopefully she can understand where I’m coming from. I also told G the same thing. I asked for her help. I asked her to contact A and help her. I probably sounded pathetic in the letter, but I don’t care. I want to go home.

G dropped by. We just chatted about things. Rico got his I.E. He’s ready to start the hearing process. I hope he did the right things. Mike asked if I did my writings. I told him I’ll do them tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them done and make copies of them.

My hand is tired from writing and my back’s tired from sitting. I took a 400mg of IBprofen to help with my cold and muscle pain from yesterday’s workout. I know Rico’s hurting.

C sent me the article on me. He was thoughtful. I appreciate it. Time for bed.


It’s been a tiring day because I didn’t get a chance to nap. Rico and I shot around with the basketball for a while. I didn’t feel energized after that. After we walked around a bit, we did some burpees. Rico had to stop because he’s not used to this exercise. We did some yoga afterward. Mike’s still sick so he didn’t do anything. It was cool outside.

After yard, I ate and read Audre Lorde’s book for a while. Then I was called for law library. I went and did some research and made some copies. Mr. J thinks that I’ll be transfer also. We’ll see.

Dinner was delicious. It was two pieces of chicken breasts. My favorite. I had sweet fruit slices for dessert.

K’s book Capoeirea got here, but I couldn’t have it. It was not sent from the vendor. I had to send it back. I wrote and told her what happened and sent her a copy of the Chronicle article.

I submitted my 602 of 7/14. I sent the trust withdraw (a form uses to retrieve money from my account) to the mailroom. I received “The Sun” magazine. I sent the lawyer a letter. He helped me with the 602.

I’m tire physically. It was a productive day. I need some rest.


I just received my citizen’s compliant that I filed on 7/14. The response was never return to me until now. I asked Officer U to sign for the delivery date. That way they can’t say that I had exceeded the time constraint. I sent a 602 citizen’s compliant to the Employee Relations Officer T.R. I had to resubmit the 602. I attached the 114D lockup order and CC’s letter on retaliation. Hopefully I’ll get things straighten out.

I wrote to C. I gave her and R the best advice I know – to let go. I hope I’ll see her soon so we can talk about her feelings.

It’s a lazy day. I slept in the morning after shower. Then I read the economic book. I didn’t start writing until after dinner. I started to rewrite my shower experience. Maybe I’ll be able to finish it this week. I was going to write to G, but I decided to wait for her to visit.

Things will work out accordingly. May all my family and friends be well.


The first of September started out to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining early. It felt more like summer.

Rico had an early visit. His Mom came up to see him.

I played “Around the World” and a couple of games of 21. My shooting has gotten better. Liebb would be surprised if we get to play basketball together again. I always got my sweat on yard days. Mike wasn’t feeling well so he just kicked it with P and when B came out. B gave me the S.F. Chronicle article that mentioned my parole situation. I didn’t trip until I was talking to Rico about it. The author was positive. I hope he’ll follow through to help me. H cut my hair. I’ve been waiting three weeks for it. He did a good job considering he didn’t have all the necessary tools.

I took a nap in the afternoon. I have been eating too much. I know I say that everyday. I don’t find the need to discipline my eating yet. I showed P my defense statement. He liked it. I’m ready.

The night just passed by. I was planning to write a poem and the shower experience, but I didn’t make time to do it. I gave Rico some stamps. He’s eating a lot also.

I have plenty to do tomorrow.