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Sep 25, 2011
» Reflections

Things are starting to move along. I was called to my 115 hearing at ten till ten this morning. Lt. M was the hearing officer. He wasn’t prepared and seemed like he’s set to find me guilty. I stayed until ten til eleven and I was called to my attorney visit. Lt. M postponed the hearing due to the legal visit. I thought he was saved by the bell to make a decision. I turned in all my defense statements and supporting documents. Hopefully he’ll be impartial and find me not guilty.

I visited with PLO’s (Prison Law Office) KW from 11 to 12:35. We discussed about my situation in Ad Seg. I gave him a brief update on my status. Then we talked about the writ. He suggested that filling the writ might  not be the best idea. It’ll take a long time dealing with appeals by the board even if I win in the court. If I get a date from BPT, I would get out sooner. However, I pointed out to him that if I don’t get a date the process will take just as long, 8 months to a year and a half. He agreed. He also suggested that either I filed a write pro per and ask him to be appointed or wait til the end of October when he’s free and file the writ. I said I’ll get back to him. he apologized for his lack of communication. He said if I wanted someone to represent me, that would be fine. I just might do that if that’s the case. he seemed like he had changed his demeanor with me. I expressed my dissatisfaction with him. He assured me that he’s on board with me. He wants to help me all the way. I’ll hold him to that. I still have to get my feedback from the lawyer first. I wrote KW to say thank you.

I received a letter from Yuri. She loved my poem and wanted to put it in her memoir. I said hell yeah! She met S and wanted to start a San Quentin 3 committee to help me and the guys. It’s a great idea. Yuri’s for it and will help publicize our plight and Ethnic Studies. She’s interested in the fight for Ethnic Studies. I wrote her back and gave her some details. She said that I should get my writings published so colleges can use it to teach Asian Americans about prison. I agreed, but I don’t know how to do that yet. I was pumped by her letter as usual. I shared it with Mike. He liked it. I’m sure he’s excited.

I wrote to K and told her what happened today. I have been busy all day. I got my canteen, only junk food. I gave Blue Eyes 10 stamps for drawing the praying hand to Rico. He’s happy I was so generous.

I called Mom again, but no one was home so I left a brief message. She’s probably in Oakland while Sis is on vacation.

I did some fishing. I got my two appeals back. I have to send them to the lawyer to process. It’s a lot of work. He told me he filed my write already. That was quick. I appreciate it.

I saw a few guys on the way back from visit. Hopefully I’ll be back on the line soon so I can work on going home. God willing. I pray that all is well with family and friends.