August is over. The coming month is full of uncertainties. I know that good things are awaiting me. It’s all about living in the present. Or else, I won’t be able to overcome my setbacks and obstacles.

Mom and Dad should be back from their trip. I’m sure they had a great time. They deserve it.

I did a few sets of arms and chest before shower. I read a little and went to sleep. The rest of the day I spent on rewriting my defense statement. I’m satisfied with the revision. My right hand is sored from all the writing. I ate a lot throughout the day. I can’t gain any weight still.

The days are moving in a fast pace. I hope for someone to visit me, but I didn’t get one. I don’t trip. Things will happen accordingly. I wish all my friends and family are in good health.

Building Dignity

Announcing the release of a live concert CD
by Eddy Zheng, Martin Dosh, and Paul Dosh:


An Evening of Spoken Word, Music, and Inspiration with Eddy Zheng

In 2010, Paul and Martin Dosh hosted activist Eddy Zheng’s first visit to Minnesota.  The three of them performed at Macalester College, introducing the Twin Cities community to the extraordinary story of Eddy’s two decades in prison and his ongoing fight against deportation to China.While still in prison, Eddy began fundraising to support neighborhood activists in the shantytowns of Peru.  Eddy continues this activism today by selling the CD/book as a fundraiser for the non-profit Building Dignity.  Building Dignity promotes education, leadership, and development among Peru’s poorest neighborhoods.  Make a donation (in any amount) and you’ll receive a copy.

The CD includes seven spoken word poems, four original Dosh tunes, Eddy’s presentation, and Q&A highlights.  The tracks range from the sobering “Autobiography @33” to the hilarious “Dating Etiquette.”  The accompanying chapbook includes text of the poems and information on Eddy Zheng and his struggle.  Tracks include:

Listen at: www.myspace.com/pauldosh.

Two Ways To Order a Copy

  1. Donate online ($10 suggested donation) at http://www.buildingdignity.org/donate and we’ll mail you a copy.
  2. Or send a check made out to “Building Dignity” to
    Building Dignity/Zheng CD
    1622 Hague Ave.
    St. Paul MN 55104

Note: CD production/postage have been donated, so 100% of your donation goes to Building Dignity, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Donations in excess of $10 are tax-deductible.

Thank you!
Eddy, Martin, and Paul


It’s late. The gun cop is yelling sexual slurs to the prisoners and the prisoners are yelling back at him.  This happens every night when the cop B is working. If it’s not them, it could be the P.C.s and dropouts on first tier talking loud after shut down.

I just finished writing my defense statement using my lawyer’s suggestions. I have been at it all night. It ended up being five pages double space. It’s a very strong statement. Any impartial person looks at the statement and facts will exonerate me. However, the administration doesn’t play fair. It will use all means necessary to get rid of me. As G said, “I might lose the battle, but I’ll win the war.” I hope he’s wrong and I win both. I talked to him for a while. It breaks the monotony.

I went to yard and played ball with Rico and Mike. We got our sweat on, but we haven’t work out together yet. We played two games and some Horse. Rico finally got a haircut since he’s in the hole. I’ll get mines cut eventually. It’s cold out until almost yard recall.

Rico shot me the Maxium mag. I read it in the afternoon. Officer T gave me another book from Ohio on Statistic. I haven’t had time to get into it. I got a Chinese dictionary and Spanish dictionary from the library. They helped me to write letters.

I’m staying up late for the first time willingly. It’s Friday. Rico gave me some stamps. I’ll be all right for a while.


It was so noisy during parts of the day I had to use my earplugs. They helped filter the direct assault to the ear drum.

Mr. K came by to give me info on the use of calculator. He said he talked to Captain N about it. Captain N said that I would be out of here in a week after my 115 hearing. I guess he or the administration had a plan to get rid of me. That’s their thinking. We’ll see. Mr. K said J, the Columbian, said hi to me. He read my article and is an A student majoring in engineering.

My I.E. is C/O C. She came by to get statements from me. I asked for a staff assistance and signed for it. I gave her my witnesses list and questions. She asked if I had a statement. I told her I’ll bring it to the hearing. I hope she does her job to get the necessary information.

I spent the rest of the day writing letters. I wrote to K and tanked her for the book. She’d shared some of her personal info with me. I wrote to P and kept her updated. I also asked her to ask C to write me.

When the C/O came by to pick up mail, he gave me a rerouted letter. It’s from C. she finally bought herself to write after Josh (A close friend who had died in prison.) passed. She’s thinking about him daily. Josh’s passing made her very sad. She had a special connection with Josh. I should’ve been there for her. I found mist in my eyes as I was reading her letter. I’ll write her back over the weekend.

I received a letter from K. She’s willing to help me with writing support letters and petitions. I asked her to wait till I get more info from my friends. She told me D and A said hi. I was happy to hear that. I wrote her back. I wrote to J and told her how I felt about her relationship with ZY. I know it’s not going to work, but it’s up to her to figure things out. I wrote to Mom and gave her the news with my situation. I want to prepare her mentally. She’ll be all right.

I received more info on preparing my defense on the 115. Based on evidence and facts, I should beat the 115. The administration is not going to like that. I’m going to be all right.

My back is still bothering me. I need to take better care of myself. I did some exercises before I shower this morning. I need to be more discipline in working out. I’ve been eating a lot.

Mike went to the law library. The copy machine was down so he couldn’t make any copies. He said CC’s pissed at him. I don’t know why. I hope he’d received my letter and documents. I need his help to get the deliberations.

May the spirit of the creator help me and continue to protect me.


I wasn’t able to write too many letters tonight because I spent my time finalizing my defense statement. I’m almost ready for the hearing unless something more helpful comes along.

Counselor came by in the morning and dropped off another copy of the redacted 40 page supplemental document. I asked him for a staff assistant and  an I.E. He said he’ll see what he can do. I also asked him when will I be going to ICC. He said as soon as the 115 is heard. It might be a week or two.

I read the econ book for a while. I learned more on the things of economists. I can talk to the teenagers about it.

My lower back is stiff. My knees hurt and my body is scratched up. I need to heal myself before it gets worse.

I received six letters today. Mom, J, B, K, P and S wrote. K sent me a book on Caprera. I hope I’ll get it. She used some heat sensitive paper to write tome. It’s cool. J is back in Beijing. She has to deal with her situation with ZY. I’ll help her sort her thoughts out the best I can. She has to make the final decision. I hope she’d received my letter by now. Mom wrote before she left for the trip. Things are getting better at home. That’s good. S wrote and talked about girls and how hard it’s to get a job. He’s in a less desirable situation because of his lack of education and instable mindset. He thinks highly of me. I appreciate that. B finally wrote. She’s taking a trip to Spain in a few weeks. She asked about writing and how I get my ideas. I asked her to come see me. P told me about her family, R and C. I like her way of expression. I’m glad she’s my friend. I have plenty of writing to do tomorrow.

It’s been a productive day. I felt good receiving all the letters.


It was extremely nice outside today. We played a couple of basketball games. I had a good sweat. We stood around and talked to P for a while. We didn’t get a chance to workout. It felt good being in the sun for a bit. The next two days we’ll be in the cell.

I read the Harper’s Mag for a while. I took a nap in the middle of all the screaming. I was tired.

G dropped by to say hi. I received a letter from A. she’s checking in. I wrote her back and kept her updated. I got a form letter from W on the class action on parole hearing denial. I also got a letter from L.A. Achieves. BPF (Buddhist Peace Fellowship) sent me another issue of the Turning Wheel. The mail only took three to four days. It was quick.

I looked at my defense statement again after Mike showed me his. I need to rewrite it to make it better. I’ll be ready. I have too much to do.


I know that I am repeating myself, but the day just went by quickly. I don’t have a specific routine that I followed. Each day is different in terms of what I do in the cell.

My I.E. (Investigative Employee is assigned to assist a prisoner to gather information before a hearing.) showed up by the door around noon. It was Officer D. She started asking me questions regarding my statement for the 115. I told her I need a staff assistant. I also asked has she done the I.E. work before. She said once. I then told her that due to the complexity of the 115, I would like to have someone with more experience. She was cool with it and left. Apparently she’s Mike’s I.E. also. I didn’t know if I had made the correct decision not accepting her as my I.E. she seemed like she’s willing to do the work. I feel it would be better if we have different I.E. so they can spend more time helping each one of us. I hope I’ll get someone who is impartial and do a thorough job. I went through all the related sections in the Title 15 again.

G came by and I showed him my statement and witness questions. We talked for a while.

The rest of the day I rewrote the statement, read, wrote a letter to A. he’s approved to visit me. I sent him a copy of the approved notice. I don’t know what happened to Yuri’s visiting form. She sent it in before A. Maybe I’ll get it this week. I hope we’ll have yard tomorrow.


It was the first day Rico was able to go to group yard. I was able to give him a couple of big hugs. However, I didn’t get a chance to talk to him because the yard was closed early. A fight broke out between two African Americans. I did what I could to stop them, but they didn’t listen so I got out of the way. A punch was thrown, the alarm sounded, and police with block guns and pepper sprays were everywhere. The yard was recalled at about nine o’clock. I didn’t get a chance to exercise or kick it with Rico. I was ready to play some ball too.

I spent the day writing out my statement and asked Mike’s input. I’m getting ready.

I finished writing to O. I wrote 1,280 Chinese characters.

The day went by relatively fast. I haven’t had a chance to do my correspondence material or read books for leisure.

I hope I don’t have to be here until October. I wonder why no one came visit?


I haven’t been able to get a good workout during shower days. It’s too early in the morning. With the consistency of yard, I get enough exercises by playing basketball.

I did some reading in the morning. The rest of the day I spent reviewing my defense on the charge. I finished going through the 40 page supplemental report. The investigators lied through their teeth on the redacted document. I should show a preponderance of evidence to dismiss the charge, if I get an impartial hearing officer.

It’s a down day and quiet. I started a draft letter to A. It’s a challenge to write in Chinese using the old writing. Plus I can’t remember some of the vocabularies. I’ll do my best.

My neighbor was moved out of his cell. He belongs in the hospital.


All afternoon and night I have been working on preparing my defense for the 115. I did researches on the necessary sections from the Title 15 that apply to my defense and appeal. I went page to page from the 40 page supplement to refute the investigation’s false statements and lies. They twisted things around and manipulated words and statements to portray me as a liar. In fact, they are the liars. I was able to get a lot accomplished.

I had yard this morning and had a chance to talk to Rico for a bit. He went to ICC concerning his parole denial and yard status. He’ll be with us on Sunday. Mike and I played three games of basketball. We were on opposite teams. I won two out of three. My shots have been going in. The practices paid off. Porter helped give me some ideas by talking out loud.

G came by and we talked for a while. I didn’t receive any mail today. I did get a book from the library request. I have plenty to read now. C/O T delivered 14 photos from ISU. I gave him my 602 on the property and deadline. He responded on the informal level.


My right hand is cramping from writing for a few hours straight. Time went by way too quickly. The noise didn’t even bother me because I was concentrated on writing.

At 12:45 this afternoon, I was given my CDC 115 along with a 40 page report on the result of the investigation by C/O S. he read the charge to me. I asked for an I.E. and signed the request. After I read the report which mainly deals with Mike’s situation, I had a better idea of what the ISU had. Some of the statements pertaining to me were not true. I have to depict the whole document and refute the charge. Mike and Rico both received 115s; Mike’s for conduct and Rico for gambling. They’re messing with Rico by giving him another 115. They always will fabricate evidence and twist the truth. Now I have to defend myself.

I went to law library and did my research and made copies and sent to my lawyer. Hopefully I can win this thing.

I received a few letters today. I received a letter from S. she just wrote a short not to say hi and wonder if she can visit. I wrote back and asked her to come up. A guy named AJ wrote me. He wanted me to call him concerning my parole situation. He was a Bible study teacher in B-5 (Youth Guidance Center in San Francisco.) I don’t remember him. I told him what happened to me and asked him to write me. O wrote and sent me a picture. She graduated from Yale with honor. She’s going to be in Hong Kong studying for a year. She’s extremely smart. She wrote the letter in Chinese.

CC sent me the letter he sent to the Warden. I wrote him and sent him all my documents. I also sent him my poem to share with others. I hope he can help me.

GM wrote and said she’ll visit soon. I appreciate her reply and willingness to help. I need all the support from outside. I sent her my poem and gave her a brief update.

I sent Mr. W a copy of my 115. I wonder what he’ll do. It seemed like he doesn’t care about my situation. He hasn’t been a good legal consult to me.

My 602 on getting my property was returned to me. It was not process as an emergency 602. They’re playing games and denying my due process. How can that not be considered as an emergency 602 when I have a court deadline?

I received my Harper magazine. It’s been an active day. I only did a light workout because lack of time before my shower.

I’m glad things are moving. May we come out victorious in the end. God bless us and our families and friends.


Noise has become part of my daily companion. I don’t know how my eardrum handles the level of noise, but I’m aware of it. My neighbor did not act out last night or today. I realized from talking to him that all he needs is someone to talk to when he’s stressing. We were able to have a decent conversation. He said he started doing some of the yoga exercises. I’m glad to hear that.

I received another letter from Mom. She just wanted to respond to my letters before she leaves for her trip. She gave me some advice and asked me to be a regular guy. I will do my best to do that after this chaos is over. I need to go home and be with my family.

I got my stamped copy of the Denial back. Hopefully it’s enough for the judge to grant me an evidentiary hearing.

I rested my body today. I study statistics for a while. It was too noise so I couldn’t concentrate. It took me a long time to study three areas. I also received a catalog from Ohio University.

I read the econ book during my breaks. I like it.


Around four-thirty this morning I was up. My neighbor MS got his bus ticket. He has 121 years to life to do. I wish him luck. Now I have a new neighbor who has a mental condition. He bangs on the bed and yells out loud. He’s stressing. Other people taunt him. I don’t know how he feels, but I empathize with him. I feel blessed that I don’t have his condition. I gave him a book and two magazines to read. He has been quiet.

I received a letter from Mom. She’s traveling out of the country with Dad to celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary. She told me she saw S and his girlfriend. She said he’s lucky. She also said that her and Dad are not getting healthier, but getting older and in deteriorated shape. She wants to see me home next to her so she can love me. I felt a sadness that prompted me to give up everything so I can be home with her. I don’t want to wait too long before they get too old. I want to go home.

Rico found that the BPT took his date. I feel sorry for him too especially under these conditions. He will win his freedom and more because the prison officials totally violated his rights. I sent him a note to show him my support.

G was in a hurry today so we talked briefly.

I wrote a letter to A just to say hi. I forgot to ask him about the visiting application. He hasn’t tried to contact Mom yet.

Mike and I played three games of basketball today. We lost two. His blister came back because he doesn’t have a pair of tennis shoes. I jammed my neck and am sored now.

I wrote a 602 on ICC not taking me to committee every 30 days. I also wrote out all the 602s I’ve filed since I’ve been in the hole. I wrote to the appeals coordinator about my two unresponsive emergency 602s. They’re violating my due process right continuously. I still haven’t received any paperwork yet. I want to get this thing over with.

I rewrote my poem. I’ll make a copy then send it out to friends.

I’m tired from the day’s activities. I’ll get to rest my body tomorrow.

San Quentin T.R.U.S.T. Health Fair

The overcast weather and cold wind welcome the volunteers as everyone enter the gates of San Quentin State Prison for the 8th annual T.R.U.S.T. (an inmate activity group) health fair. Centerforce, Bay Area Black Nurses Association, Alameda County Public Health Department and Urban Male Health Initiative are the proud sponsors for this event. Health professionals and non-profit organizations provide health information and reentry resources for hundred of prisoners on the lower yard of the prison.

One of the most popular services in the health fair was from the Love Your Body Chiropractic Wellness Studio. Volunteer professionals provide chiropractic adjustment for the prisoners. People were lining up for hours to get a chance to have their bodies adjusted.

I was able to participant in the event with a group of Asian and Pacific Islander volunteers and staff from the Asian health Services. We were able to provide cultural competent resources for the API prisoners. For many of the prisoners, they just wanted to talk to someone from the outside.

I’m always grateful whenever I have an opportunity to go in the prison that is once my home. I get to talk to many of the prisoners I still know who are doing life terms. It’s sad to know that many of them have been incarcerated for 30, 35, and 40 years. When I was reflecting with this Native American brother who’s been down for 40 years about hope and freedom, I told him many of the young African American males in the community don’t get to live up to 40 years before they’re murdered. Sometimes it’s blessing to be able to survive 40 years of incarceration. and remain sane.

There are too many transformed life term prisoners deserve to be out of prison and given the opportunity to utilize their experiences and skills to make a positive impact in society. The Prison Industrial Complex must stop wasting tax payers money to warehouse people who have rehabilitated themselves.


It’s been a fast moving day. I read the disciplinary section of the Prisoner’s Handbook.

G dropped by briefly to share his weekend with his great-granddaughters with me.

I did my workout before shower. It felt good to take a hot shower then at the end shower in cold water for a minute. It woke the body up.

I wrote to ZY in Chinese. I noticed I have lost a lot of the vocabularies. I can talk better than I write. I dropped J a couple of pages. She hasn’t received my letter yet. When she does she’ll have plenty to read about. I received a letter from M. It’s a pleasant surprise. She’s living in Emeryville with her boyfriend F. She’ll be teaching in Oakland Tech. It’s great to hear from her. I sent her the visiting application so she can come see me. I need to stay close to the Bay so I can be connected with friends and family.

I started reading the economic book by Heilbroner “The Worldly Philosophers.” I’m in the first chapter and I like it already. I’m reading three books at the same time.

I haven’t done my lesson on the statistics yet. I have too much to do. I need to manager my time better.

I haven’t heard form Mom. I hope all is well with everyone.


It’s C’s birthday. I hope she has straightened out her life. She had been through much suffering.

I didn’t finish writing the letter to ZY. I wasn’t thinking logically anyway. I’ll rewrite it tomorrow. I wrote to A and told her about my feelings on starting to implement our ideas prematurely. I also reminded her to be sure the youth have fun when they get into activism and politics. I look forward to hear what she had accomplished concerning my campaign.

It was cold outside today. Mike and I walked for a while. He didn’t play ball caused of his blisters. I played some 21s and then we did some burpes. He’s still trying to get his strength back.

I took a nap, read a little, and wasted the night away. I ate a big bowl of rice with bean, soy meat, preserved vegi and salad for dinner. I still wish the water’s hotter.

Another day went by quickly. Mike thinks that we’ll be settled down by the end of September. I hope things will work out for me. I don’t mind going to Solano prison and concentrate on my parole. I have to beat whatever charges they try to get me on.

I talked to R for a bit. He’ll see me on the streets. He’s a cool dude. God bless me.

Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story

What can I say? Nine years ago today, I was in a cold cell surrounded by concrete and steel in San Quentin’s solitary confinement learning how to fight for my rights and freedom. Today, there is a story to be told. It is another history in the making. However, as always, this story of redemption cannot be share without the support from all the people who believe in transformation and restorative justice. Please support this documentary project by spreading the word and donate.


It’s a slow day. I slept for a while after working out and shower. The room was cold.

Mike shot me his Prisoner’s Handbook and some cases on retaliation. I read for a long time. All the cases come down to whether there is a penological interest for the prison authority to violate a prisoner’s right. If there isn’t, then the 1983 (Federal Civil Rights law suit) retaliation claim will be strong. We have to wait and see if ours will stand up in court.

I have been eating more than I should. I have letters to write, but I felt lazy. I read a couple of chapters of” Writing Well.” It’s very helpful.


I have been here two months and I have no idea how long I’ll stay. Everything is in a holding pattern. I just have to go with the flow and roll with the punches.

It’s been cold out in the morning. I’m glad that I have my thermals. Mike and I played a couple of basketball games. We beat the two brothers badly. We’re too healthy and out hustled them. Mike doesn’t have basketball shoes on so he got blood blisters. We did some pushups and squat. It felt good to be out on the yard. Too bad Rico can’t join us. It makes a huge difference not being able to go to yard for a long period of time.

I read the yoga book for a while. I received the Board of Control forms. I don’t know if I will have a chance to win later. I did some brainstorming on the youth project. I studied a couple of section of the statistics. It’s a lot of reading.

I received three more books. That’ll keep me busy for a long time. I don’t’ think I’ll be able to read all the books. I’m tired so I’m turning in early.


My right shoulder was feeling a little sored so I didn’t push it to do the burpes. I did some arm exercises and took a shower after that. My back is sored from sitting awkwardly. I napped for a while in the morning.

G came by to say hi. We always have good conversations. I don’t even remember how the day went by so quickly. I haven’t even done any Statistics.

I received a letter from ZY. It was a surprised. He told me what he and J did in Beijing. He wanted my opinion on how to treat J’s parents when they go to Beijing in October. I’ll write him over the weekend.

A’s letter finally arrived. It took seven days. She had been putting in work on getting her ideas in action. She shared a song she wrote for her cousin with me. She also talked to B and M about my campaign. I like her ideas on the topics we can discuss with the youth. I gave her my feedback and my ideas. I need to brainstorm more. A is on a mission. I love her for that.

I sent the letter I wrote yesterday. I sent the form letter to the women’s coalition I send my Denial to the Marin Court and A.G. I hope the judge will rule in my favor soon.

I looked up some Spanish vocabularies today. I need to study them more.

My mind is still tripping on the whole uncertainty with this Ad Seg situation. I want to move forward so I can concentrate on fighting for my freedom. I have to get work done to prepare myself for anything.


I have been sitting most of the day. After taking a nap I started reviewing the Title 15 to get familiarize with the necessary sections. I want to be prepared. I didn’t sleep well last night because some people were talking loud two o’clock in the morning.

J was transferred to Avenal. CC visited all of us today to give an update on our individual and group situation. The warden sent him a letter stating that the investigation’s over and Mike and I will be charged. Now we just have to wait and see what rule violation we’ll be charged with. My lawyer told me to send the Denial out. It’s ready. I spoke to CC about my parole situation. He asked me to write to KW from PLO (Prison Law Office) to see what he’s going to do before we talk again. I’m will to have him represent me. CC Talked briefly about his philosophy in his dealing with life. I appreciate his sharing. I sent him a letter on my Ad Set placement facts. He’ll write to the prison to mess with them for violating my due process. I wrote KW an official letter requesting to see him and discuss my parole situation.

I received a letter form J. she sent me a prose in Chinese from her friend. She should be back in China by now. KM wrote me a letter. She got married a few days ago. She shared what she likes to read the other personal stuff with me. I’m glad that she’s willing to share. And she’s pregnant.

I wrote to Lucky, but I’ll have to send it out tomorrow.

I received the Fire Inside newsletter and I saw Yuri’s picture in it. She was protesting in CIW (California Institution for Women) back in April. She’s everywhere. I felt encouraged by her.

Well, I might be here for a while. I hope I can beat whatever they’re charging me with. Somebody, something got to be on my side looking out for me. Mother Earth?

9th Circuit Appeal Hearing

9th Circuit Appeal Hearing


Sometimes we must surrender in order for us to become victorious.


Someone in the mailroom returned the letters I sent to J stating that it “must be in English.” I couldn’t believe it. It was the first time my letter was delay because of that. I wrote a note to whoever wrote the note about the delay. I hope that’ll settle it without further complication.

I received the originals of my ex parte from my lawyer. He has put work in. he did the whole denial for me. I’ll have to make sure I get all the instruction from him before I send them out. I have time to meet the deadline.

I sent the 602 in for my property issue after I made copies. I sent another 602 for the access and return of my legal property.

Liu sent me a photo and a letter. He’s doing all right. I will keep in touch with him. He changed his name to Lucky. I’ll be there one day to visit him.

I’m tired. I’ve been out of the cell most of the day. I went to the yard, play one game with Mike, worked out, and practiced rebounding while Mike shot the ball. I enjoyed the time out there.

G and Fr. P dropped by to say hi. Not much to say but exchange greetings.

I then went to law library with Mike and Rico. I prayed for Rico because BPT was holding a hearing to determine whether they will take his date. He’s getting a raw deal, but he’ll win eventually.

I read over the denial. It was written well. I feel sleepy. I haven’t receive my letter from other friends and Mom. I hope all is well.


The letter I sent to J was returned to me because I’m short 40 cents. It ruined my surprise.

I received my copy of ex parte for request appointment of counselor and an extension to file the denial. Hopefully the court will grant my request. I need access to my legal materials from my property to file the denial.

K wrote and expressed her concern. She read my story and passed it along her friends. They responded well to it. I wrote and asked her to generate a petition for me in support of my parole. That will help. I appreciate her friendship and support.

H sent me the Costal Post. I don’t have her address so I can’t write her.

I worked out early and showered. Then napped and read. I didn’t do my course study.

The night is almost over. I need to manage my time better.


I started my studying on the correspondence course. I did the math reviews as suggested. I’m ready to

to Mr. K informing him of the received material from Ohio.

It started out a little chilly in the morning. Finally, I was able to give Mike a hug after about two months. I want to give Rico a big hug. Mike and I walked get into the chapters tomorrow.

I wrote a note around for a while and played a couple of basketball games. He’s not in shape yet. We won one and lose one. Rico made it to Walk Alone. We chatted for a while. We don’t know what our future holds, but we will fight to the end.

I helped my neighbor with his grievance. The day went by fast. I enjoyed the sunshine and Mike’s company. I sent positive thoughts to my family and friends.


Not much going on today. I had a chance to work out a bit before shower. I didn’t get a decent sleep because the dropped outs on the first tier were talking all night. They have no self respect. I napped and read all day.

I should start my studies on the correspondence course. I’ll do it tomorrow. Rico got a visit from his family at twelve thirty. I saw Mike through the screens and bars briefly.

My neighbor sent me some vocabularies on Swahili. I’ll see how much I can learn. I haven’t touched my Spanish for a few days. I need to be more productive.


It’s been a long day and I’m tired. It’s hot right now at around nine o’clock. The last couple of days the weather has been hot. I went to yard today and the sun was out early. I played basketball for a while. My partner is not a team player. I practiced shooting the ball. I had a good sweat. Then I did my yoga exercises. I like the yoga exercises. I can do a headstand now. I need more practice to get better.

I got a couple of books from the library request form today. I got a yoga book and the Kerouac biography. I have plenty to read. I also got my Ohio University correspondence materials. They sent it about a month ago. I just now got it because the property officer kept it. I received a dictionary, thesaurus, text book, 3 writing tablets, 2 pens, a folder and other writing materials. I looked over the materials. It’s on Statistic on Behavior Science. I took statistic before, but I have to refresh my memory. It looks like a lot of work. I should set up a schedule to study and get the work done. Too bad I can’t study with Lefty. That’ll help. I need to take advantage of my time.

Mike went to ICC and was assigned to 2 yard. I’ll see him on Sunday.

G dropped by. We shared with each other on personal feelings. I learned new things about him all the time. It helped to talk to him.

I received my second level notice on custody issues. I’m getting my property appeal ready for the second level.

No mail today. I wrote and read since I got back from the yard. I talked to Blue for a while. He’s fighting for his. I heard S got out of the hole on Wednesday. I’m still tripping on the mistake I made by talking to the haters. When will I learn? I hope things somehow will work out for me.

History In The Making

This is truly a day the Lord has made. Not that I’m religious, but that’s what came to my mind as i reflect on today’s events.

Mayor Lee announced today that he will be running for re-election. Let the race begin.

CYC opened its branch office in the Bayview to begin a multi-cultural youth leadership program called the Bayview Youth Advocates to develop youth to become leaders of tomorrow by taking ownership of the community and lead by example to promote racial harmony.

My brother from another mother Marc and wife Linda begin their parenthood  by giving birth to Brendon Tokio Freedom Ching. Welcome to the world Brendon.



My neighbor and I had good conversations. He’s doing 127 years to life. How can someone do all that time? It’s a relief to know that he’s still staying strong and live his life.

I had a decent workout before shower. I didn’t complete the exercise. The cold shower at the end felt great.

J’s letter got here from L.A. She spoke of her parents and family member felt about her staying in China. I was able to speak on some of her concerns before she brought them up. I did what I could to share my views with her. I sent her the 30 page letter tonight. I also wrote to Mom just to say hi.

There was no law library today. Hopefully I’ll make it next week.

Mike is back in SQ. I was surprised when he yelled out my name. He was in AC (Adjustment Center) for three days. We chatted it for a while. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to stay. We’ll see.  I just want to move on.

I haven’t receive any letter from some expected friends. Hopefully they’re doing well. I saw Rico when he went to shower.

C/O T said he got some from Ohio University. I’m ready to start the studying on psychology 211, I think. I’ll be able to finish my course in good time with good grade.

Time Flies

Time flies when one’s having fun. That’s the saying people would hear sometimes. However, on August 7, 2002, I lost a day. I don’t think I was having fun at the beginning of my solitary confinement.

Today, i had fun camping with friends over the weekend. I shut down my phones and didn’t look at them for two days. That’s a rare and appreciated.


The last couple of yard days have been better weather wise. The sun started to come out early. I walked around with the guys and talked. It felt good to laugh at jokes and connect with people. I shot the basketball a little to warm up before I work out. I did some squat exercises. I talked to Filipino E for a while. He told me S went back to the Bay this morning. I enjoyed the fresh air.

I read for the rest of the day. I didn’t take a nap even though I was tired. My neighbor let me borrow his book, “Blood In My Eyes.” I also got “The Great Rebel Che G in Bolivia.”

I received a letter from SB. She’s doing her best to convert me to Christianity. She wrote four pages on how Jesus loves me and that I should accept him in my life. She said she’s God’s vessel to get me to believe in him. I appreciate her interest in me, but I think she’s trying too hard to convert me. She doesn’t understand any other way to survive except in Jesus. That’s cool with me, but I’m not there yet.

I got two reroute mail. The letter of confirmation on my admission from Ohio University came. I should be getting my course materials. An education advisor was assigned to me.

My 602 on the property and search issues came back. It was dated 7/26/02, but I didn’t receive it until tonight. I should have 15 days from today to file my response.

I didn’t write today, but I will tomorrow.

The day went by fast.


I had a lazy day. Because I didn’t know the schedule of the shower, I didn’t get to work out before. I ended up reading and napping all day. I didn’t feel motivated to write or brainstorm.

I read The Sun and enjoyed the stories. Rico dropped off some mags for me. Mr. K dropped me a note telling me that I’ve been enrolled for the correspondence course. I got a newsletter from L.A. Detention Ministry.

The day somehow went by. I talked to my neighbor for a while before shutdown. He got 127 years to life and is going to the Bay (Pelican Bay.) What’s left for him? I hope he’ll get action in court. We hit it off well. He has some good literature to share with me. I felt good talking to him.


It was nice outside this morning. It wasn’t overcast like the past week. I played basketball with the Brothers. My shots have been falling. I haven’t done any righteous workout since there were enough people on the yard to play ball. I did do my yoga exercises. Then I took a cold shower. I talked to the youngster K for a bit.

I took a nap after lunch despite all the noise. It’s much louder down here than on fifth tier. I had chicken and rice for dinner. The dessert was delicious. I wrote to A and sent her the free write. I haven’t thought about the ideas she brought up I will write after I get a letter from her. I wrote to AR and thanked her for the magazine subscription. I enjoy reading it. It has some good stories. Finally, I decided to write to G. I need to put whatever hang ups I had and move on. She’s willing to help me. I will not reject that. I hope she’ll come see me. I need to start getting ready for my parole hearing. She’ll be surprised to hear from me, I hope. I dropped Mr. K a note about my correspondence course. I’m ready to start.

I missed the view on fifth tier.


I moved to second tier and I regretted. I no longer had the beautiful view of the Bay, mountain, lights from houses, ferries, suffers and people rowing boats. I took my own bits of freedom away. Now I can only dream. It’s too late to feel regretful now. It’s a done deal. I didn’t know how good I had it until I moved to this cell on second tier. I had a lot of stuff to move. It took three people to make the trip down. I spent some time cleaning the cell. It was dirty and the toilet doesn’t flush well. The area is noisier than the fifth tier. My ears haven’t got a breath yet. The pros for moving are being closer to Rico. I can exercise better with the bunk set up and the Officers are better? I wished I hadn’t moved. I missed chopping it up with my neighbor. I’m sure C missed me also. I read the paper and rewrite the free write about A’s visit. I need to start thinking about the parole campaign strategy and write them down for A. I’ll get busy tomorrow.

May I get a good quiet sleep tonight?

Run Ed Run Already

The final rally to encourage San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to announce his run for re-election concluded at the steps of City Hall with hundred of people chanting Run Ed Run for the last time. The Progress For All collected 51,063 signatures to urge Mayor Lee to run. We hope that he will announce his running sometime this week. Because the sooner Mayor Lee declared his intention to run, the better for everyone.

I’m grateful to be apart of this historical push for Mayor Lee to run for re-election. My Run Ed Run co-chairs have been awesome in sticking together to work for a common goal of selecting the best Mayor to serve the people of San Francisco.


Finally, I was able to get on track in completing the burpe routine. My body was drenched in sweat. It felt good to be able to discipline myself to complete the routine. I’ll sleep well tonight.

I worked on my 602 for a while. I was able to finish it, made copy and sent it out. I went to law library and prepare for my denial. I have about twenty days left.

I received my copy of the Return from CC today. He asked me to stay strong. I appreciate that. I received another from J. It took sixteen days to get to me from Beijing. I’ll have a couple of weeks to write to her.

Rico and I talked for a while. He wants to start writing his autobiography. I hope his parole situation will work out for him.


It’s the last day of the month. From the way things are looking, I might still be here at the end of the August. Time is going by regardless of the location. I need to utilize my time more wisely. I haven’t been bearing down and reading and studying.

I laid back and read magazines all day. G dropped by to check on me. He’s always a pleasant surprise. It was exciting to see familiar faces.

I received a letter from J and K. J shared her dislike of her Mom’s certain actions with me. She was venting her frustration and asked for my advice. I’ll share my opinions on her situation dealing with her Mom. I value her trust in me. I wrote a little bit to her, but I’ll address her situation with Mom tomorrow. K sent her prayers my way after hearing what happened to me. It’s always good to know people support me no matter what.

At twelve today, I thought about the ten and a half hours left before the day is over. Now, it’s almost that time. That’s why I have to live the now.


It’s almost time to go to sleep. Would my journal entries consider free writes by the Design mind or Sign mind? I think most of them were done by Sign mind. It’s difficult in this sensor environment to use the Design mind. It’s possible, but not recommended.

It’s nice on the yard this morning. We finally get some sunshine. The whole month of July was mostly overcast. This is a strange summer. I played three games of basketball. It was good exercise. I did some abs and yoga to finish the workout. There’re nine people of our yard now. I enjoyed myself while I was on the yard because I was mostly occupied with activities. I didn’t have to think about the negative aspect of being in the hole.

As I got back in the cell, I was physically tired. At the same time, I felt a few moments of sadness not know what my future holds. It was not a feeling that I wanted to dwell on. I got over it after a few minutes. I think I’ll be feeling like that from time to time.

I received a letter from Mom. It only took six days. My mail are continued to be monitored and delayed. On the day of Mom’s writing, she hasn’t received my anniversary card yet. I told Mom that I had received all her letters. She told me how everyone’s doing at home. It’s good to hear from her.

I received a letter from CC. it was a copy of the group letter. I wrote him back and tanked him and give him a brief update. KW sent me a short note along with the warden’s response letter. It was vague and general. I gave K an update. I also asked him about my parole hearing and writ of habeas. He hasn’t been mentioning my writ for a long time. I don’t know what he plans to do. I hope he’ll take care of business.

I didn’t some reading, but didn’t get to write. I will start again. Little and I chopped it up for a while. He appreciate that I’m a good listener. I might move down to the second tier, but I don’t really want to. I have a good view and a good neighbor. If it happens, I’m cool. If not, I’m fine.

I appreciate the breath.