It’s C’s birthday. I hope she has straightened out her life. She had been through much suffering.

I didn’t finish writing the letter to ZY. I wasn’t thinking logically anyway. I’ll rewrite it tomorrow. I wrote to A and told her about my feelings on starting to implement our ideas prematurely. I also reminded her to be sure the youth have fun when they get into activism and politics. I look forward to hear what she had accomplished concerning my campaign.

It was cold outside today. Mike and I walked for a while. He didn’t play ball caused of his blisters. I played some 21s and then we did some burpes. He’s still trying to get his strength back.

I took a nap, read a little, and wasted the night away. I ate a big bowl of rice with bean, soy meat, preserved vegi and salad for dinner. I still wish the water’s hotter.

Another day went by quickly. Mike thinks that we’ll be settled down by the end of September. I hope things will work out for me. I don’t mind going to Solano prison and concentrate on my parole. I have to beat whatever charges they try to get me on.

I talked to R for a bit. He’ll see me on the streets. He’s a cool dude. God bless me.

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