My right shoulder was feeling a little sored so I didn’t push it to do the burpes. I did some arm exercises and took a shower after that. My back is sored from sitting awkwardly. I napped for a while in the morning.

G came by to say hi. We always have good conversations. I don’t even remember how the day went by so quickly. I haven’t even done any Statistics.

I received a letter from ZY. It was a surprised. He told me what he and J did in Beijing. He wanted my opinion on how to treat J’s parents when they go to Beijing in October. I’ll write him over the weekend.

A’s letter finally arrived. It took seven days. She had been putting in work on getting her ideas in action. She shared a song she wrote for her cousin with me. She also talked to B and M about my campaign. I like her ideas on the topics we can discuss with the youth. I gave her my feedback and my ideas. I need to brainstorm more. A is on a mission. I love her for that.

I sent the letter I wrote yesterday. I sent the form letter to the women’s coalition I send my Denial to the Marin Court and A.G. I hope the judge will rule in my favor soon.

I looked up some Spanish vocabularies today. I need to study them more.

My mind is still tripping on the whole uncertainty with this Ad Seg situation. I want to move forward so I can concentrate on fighting for my freedom. I have to get work done to prepare myself for anything.

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