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Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story

Aug 17, 2011
» Reflections

What can I say? Nine years ago today, I was in a cold cell surrounded by concrete and steel in San Quentin’s solitary confinement learning how to fight for my rights and freedom. Today, there is a story to be told. It is another history in the making. However, as always, this story of redemption cannot be share without the support from all the people who believe in transformation and restorative justice. Please support this documentary project by spreading the word and donate.


It’s a slow day. I slept for a while after working out and shower. The room was cold.

Mike shot me his Prisoner’s Handbook and some cases on retaliation. I read for a long time. All the cases come down to whether there is a penological interest for the prison authority to violate a prisoner’s right. If there isn’t, then the 1983 (Federal Civil Rights law suit) retaliation claim will be strong. We have to wait and see if ours will stand up in court.

I have been eating more than I should. I have letters to write, but I felt lazy. I read a couple of chapters of” Writing Well.” It’s very helpful.