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Aug 14, 2011
» Reflections

I have been sitting most of the day. After taking a nap I started reviewing the Title 15 to get familiarize with the necessary sections. I want to be prepared. I didn’t sleep well last night because some people were talking loud two o’clock in the morning.

J was transferred to Avenal. CC visited all of us today to give an update on our individual and group situation. The warden sent him a letter stating that the investigation’s over and Mike and I will be charged. Now we just have to wait and see what rule violation we’ll be charged with. My lawyer told me to send the Denial out. It’s ready. I spoke to CC about my parole situation. He asked me to write to KW from PLO (Prison Law Office) to see what he’s going to do before we talk again. I’m will to have him represent me. CC Talked briefly about his philosophy in his dealing with life. I appreciate his sharing. I sent him a letter on my Ad Set placement facts. He’ll write to the prison to mess with them for violating my due process. I wrote KW an official letter requesting to see him and discuss my parole situation.

I received a letter form J. she sent me a prose in Chinese from her friend. She should be back in China by now. KM wrote me a letter. She got married a few days ago. She shared what she likes to read the other personal stuff with me. I’m glad that she’s willing to share. And she’s pregnant.

I wrote to Lucky, but I’ll have to send it out tomorrow.

I received the Fire Inside newsletter and I saw Yuri’s picture in it. She was protesting in CIW (California Institution for Women) back in April. She’s everywhere. I felt encouraged by her.

Well, I might be here for a while. I hope I can beat whatever they’re charging me with. Somebody, something got to be on my side looking out for me. Mother Earth?