I felt lazy so I didn’t do much. I read the USA Today and The Progress mag. I studied a little.

I received a letter from S. She apologized for pressuring me with her religious beliefs. She recognized it after I sent her a X-mas card. She’ll still try to convert me, but with subtlety. I’ll write her back tomorrow.

I got a return to sender letter that was sent to EB. I guess he felt. Hopefully he’s on the right track

I got a ruling from Judge A. She denied my writ. So far, she denied everyone of my writ. I don’t think she wanted to deal with me anymore. Now my hope of winning is in the Court of Appeals. I pray that I’ll at least win on the 115 writ. It’s too strong for me not to win. I’ll have to wait and see.

I’m turning in early tonight. I don’t feel engaged or motivated. S brought a reroute letter by. It’s from O. She got my letter late so she thought I was busy. It’s good to know that she’s thinking of me. She’s a good friend. I’m lucky.

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