I noticed the sunshine reflecting from the hospital wall. It was going to be a nice day. Then we were told that there’ll be no yard. I didn’t react to the announcement. A minute later, the police announced that there’ll be Walk Along and 2 yard, but no 6 yard. I went out and there was a new basketball net. I talked to P for a while about family, money and other topics. Then I changed the net. T’s stressing on the guilty finding of his 115. He told me about what happened for the fifth time. I realized he’s venting so I listened. He wanted to hire an attorney to deal with his case. That’s great. I’ll try to help him with the appeal on the 115. C and I did some Brown Eagle. I tried a couple of the Jujitsu moves on him. He liked the straight arm move. I liked it too because I saw the effect of it. I almost threw C over my shoulder. I showered and got some sunshine. I helped my neighbor out.

I wrote a letter to M and sent her my autobiography poem. I told her how I felt about our visit. She’ll trip on my candidness. Let’s see what response I’ll get from her. I sent J a letter. She’ll find it interesting. I sent WF a bday card. I look forward to hear from him. M gave me some of his pills. I’m glad he’s not taking them.

I didn’t study so I’ll have things to do tomorrow. I’m tired so I’ll sleep early. The last two nights have been rough. The PCs down stairs and upstairs kept yelling at each other. It’s stupid.

I’m just riding smoothly through time. Tomorrow is a new day. I’m grateful for being alive. May my family and friends be well. I hope A will write me and let know what’s up. Good night.

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