Happy Chinese New Year to me. I got up and decided to ring in the New Year by exercising. I did some yoga and other exercises. Then I showered and shaved. D told me I had a visit at 12:30. I was happy to hear that. I didn’t know who would be coming to see me. I did some studying on statistic while waiting. I went out to the visiting room at 12:30.

M showed up around 12:50. She had to go to the house to change her shirt because it was too short. She even came early. It’s a pleasant surprise to see her. It’s been three years since we saw each other. She looked the same, beautiful. She asked how I was doing. I gave her an update on my situation. I asked about her teaching. She’s having a hard time because it’s her first year. She might quit after the year is up and go do something else. She wants to keep teaching, but maybe not in Oakland Tech. Her parents have an apartment in Shanghai. They want her to teach there and go visit. She doesn’t want to, but she’ll go visit over the summer. Her boyfriend is planning to go law school. She might have to follow him depending where he studies. She doesn’t really know what to say to me. I felt a sense of awkwardness. It’s been a while since we talked. She has changed mentally or maybe I don’t know her that well. I thanked her for being a friend to me. We only had a forty-five minute visit. It’s too short for us to get comfortable. I felt a send of loneliness and longing after I got back to the cell. I wished I was outside living my life. I had to switch my thoughts.

I wrote to J and shared my thoughts with her. I wrote about friendships between men and women.

I practiced the Jujitsu moves and got more tips. I’ll practice them on the yard. I studied some more. I appreciate the New Year’s gift, M’s presence. I got to spend some time with a beautiful woman. I need to get to know her better before I make an assessment.

I hope all is well with my family. I will be release from prison this year. It’s destined. May the Gods keep taking care of me.

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