It’s could outside, but the sun was out early. The Blacks and Mexicans are still on lockdown. Rumor has it that there was a hit out on a Black guy, so they had to be investigated. I talked to NB for a while. He talked a lot and I listened. I gave him a kite for N. Hopefully he’ll respond to me. He’s in 5E36. Maybe I heard wrong about him. He sounded pretty clear headed. I did the usual exercise with C. We got along with each other. I had a good yard day.

Mr. K came by to tell me that I got a 7 month extension on the Statistic course. That’s good news. I’ll have to get busy.

I wrote a letter in Chinese to O. I had to send it because B picks up mail early. I wrote three more pages in English to her. I’ll send it out tomorrow. B gave me my mail late. I received a letter from K. she just wrote to say hi. I appreciate that. I got Mom’s letter with 3 pictures and 200 dollars and a card from brother P. It’s been a long time since I’d heard from him. I’ll write them back. I wrote a letter to CC and sent him a draft concerning M’s situation. Hopefully he’ll help us.

Mike is here again. He’s here for court for a couple of weeks. I hope to see him and talk to him. I’m staying up too late, but I’m not tired. I got some magazines from uso. I have plenty to read. I hope all is well with my family and friends.

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