It’s MLK’s bday, but nobody’s tripping on its significance. It’s just another day in the hole. I read the Kung Fu novel about China’s first female emperor. I like reading Kung Fu stories with historical background.

M’s on Walk Alone yard, but his name was not on the list. D checked and told me. I went to his cell and explained the situation to him. I had a chance to talk to him for about ten minutes. He sounded slow. It must be the drugs he took before. He said he hasn’t been taking them lately. I told him if it’s necessary, he should take it. I know he feels better after I talked to him. He started to write English, exercise and sleep less. I want to do my best to help him. The dudes in B section rolled him up because he’s J-cat. That’s not right. I’m piss at that.

I wrote to S, A, F and J. I asked S to relate the three themes for the event to the others. I can’t express myself clearly on what I want. I can say it, but don’t know how to write it.

Oh well, I sent a note to Mr. K and asked him to come see me about the course. I don’t think it’s realistic to finish the course on time.

I look forward to hear from Mom and J. May my family and friends be well.

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