It was cold and wet out. I was able to talk to M for an hour. It’s his first time on the yard. His language and thinking were slow. I’m glad that I could lift his spirit up. I want to teach him some yoga so he’ll ripe the benefit. I hope he’ll be all right.

I didn’t do any exercise. I read the Kung Fu novel. I talked to E on the yard. He told me he had received a letter that was addressed to me. After a little investigation, I came to the conclusion that the prison made a huge mistake by sending my letter to his house. He paroled a month or so ago. My mail got forwarded to him accidentally. It’s almost impossible for it to happen. I asked him to have his wife send it to me. The letter was from Mom.

I wasn’t scheduled for library today. I didn’t have anything for the lawyer anyway. I wrote a couple of pages for him. I wrote a letter to Mom just to say hi. I got a rerouted letter from C. He answered my questions on legal representation. He charges $50 an hour for person make 30k a year, $100 for over 30k. I’ll have to think about that. He’s doing it pro bono. I shouldn’t take that for granted. I wrote C to thank him.

I talked to Officer W for a while about different things. He has it made with his job. He has a house, a Mercedes, a regular commute car, a Dell computer with camera and other gadgets. He’s living a good life off the PIC.

The prison is in chaos. People who had done their time and discharged are being kept illegally because the record people are backed up. Instead of doing the work, they delay the processing. San Quentin’s administration is operating under a draconian role, anything goes. People don’t know the illegal practice the prison has. I hope all their violations will catch up with them.

I wanted to do my Statistic, but it’s difficult. I hope all is well for me in the Court of Appeal. May the Gods look out for me.

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