It was a restless night. I had a couple of dreams. One, I dreamt JL was in the room with me. There was a stair to go up. I remember turning off the light in the room and get ready to go up. I even helped her with putting on her jacket. It then led to something sexual. It’s strange. Why would I be dreaming about her?

The other one Sis, Mom and Dad was talking to me, but really Sis wanted to talk to me alone. Somehow T was tripping that Sis didn’t bring him along. He’s jealous or something. Another strange dream.

My neighbor stayed up talking all morning. I couldn’t get a peaceful sleep. However, my back was hurting from lying down too long. There was yard today. It was freezing outside. I took some laps. I felt better being outside. I did some running, yoga, legs and took some shots of basketball. I got a little sweat. My right shoulder’s rotator cuff is hurting, so I didn’t do upper body exercise. I took a shower in the cold. Everybody thought I was crazy. It felt good.

After I got back to the cell, I ate a hot lunch. My spirit was lifted. Exercise helped. I took a nap, read and had dinner. I didn’t feel like doing anything else. Officer T brought a couple sets of Kung Fu novel by. The library dropped 3 sets of to me and M. I started reading them. I’ll have to decide what to do with my school work.

I wish all the best to my family and friends. I need to get out of prison. Now.

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