The yard’s cancelled due to a search in B-section. I stayed up last night so I felt tired. It could’ve been the workout I did yesterday that got me tired. I woke up and wrote a letter to the lawyer. I didn’t get a chance to study Statistic. I might not be able to finish this course.

I received the decision on my 115 writ. Judge A denied it. I’m not happy about that.

As I walked to the library, I gave Liebb the bad news. He’s disappointed because that was on our strongest issue. We’ll have to take it to the Court of Appeal. I read the lawyer’s comments of the last few days. He has been putting work in. He’s dealing with different stresses with his living condition. He also expressed feeling wore down. I don’t blame him. He’s been doing everything by himself. He has sacrificed a lot to help us. I was hot to hear about A talking bad about me behind my back. I know who my friends are. I have faith in my lawyer to get things done. Hopefully the court’s decision will go our way on one of the issues. So far, everything has been rejected and denied.

I wrote to W and gave him an update. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but he better try to do his best to help me get out of prison. I’ll have to fire him. I wrote to CC and expressed my desire to popularize the racial segregation issue. I asked him whether he’s willing to represent me pro bono. If not, how much does he charges. It’s premature, but I need to know his feeling so I can make adjustments accordingly.

I’m writing to G because I didn’t want her involve in any of my stuff. I have to get my friends to take care of business for me.

I ran into C on my way back. He made Sergeant. He gained a lot of weight. It was good to see him.

I’m not feeling down. I will win. I need to do an in depth self-evaluation.  I need to know myself and set my goals. Things are going to be all right soon.  I know it. I hope Rico and Mike are doing well. May God continue to look after my friend Liebb. May he be strong and have peace.

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