I was able to stay awake all morning to study. I got some work done, but I need to stop up the pace. I still haven’t received my first lesson back.

M shot me another note expressing his family’s shame because of his case. It’s difficult for me to read about situation like that. I talked to a female doctor “Van something burg.” I was coming off as agitated to her. She tried to tell me that she’s doing her job. She can’t change the system. She’s doing what she can. I had to change my tone with her after I caught myself getting excited. She took down M’s name and said she’ll refer my concern to his case doctor. I want to help.

I received a stamped copy of the addendum of the first writ. I got the Third level appeal on legal property back. It’s denied. I haven’t won one yet. It’ll be up to the courts.

I also got a letter from J and a card from M. J’s letter was postmarked 12/19, M’s 12/23. J mentioned that she’s frightened that she can’t meet my high expectations. I think people think I have very high expectations of them to act a certain way. I give out the wrong messages. It’s not the first time someone told me that. I wrote her back and expressed my feeling on that comment. I sent M a winter card and to thank her support. I sent Mei and R birthday cards.

The day went by way too fast. I started to read a novel called “Void Moon.” I like it. It kills time and it’s entertaining.

I pray that Mom and Dad are healthy and happy. May they be well.

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