It’s that time – reflection. It’s the middle of the month and I have not heard from W. If I don’t hear from him next week, I will have to make decisions. I’m being flexible, but I have to remind myself that I’m fighting for my life.

I received a Christmas card form M. She said she’ll write what she’s done with everything. We have a strong relationship. She doesn’t want to come visit me. When she writes, she never goes in detail. That has to do with her busy schedule. She treats me as her friend. I’m accepting whatever she’s willing to give. I want to be a friend to her.

K’s letter with an article arrived. The mail is two weeks late. I wrote her back and asked her to not to swim because it’s dangerous.

I wrote to “The Rattlesnake” journal for a subscription. It’s free to prisoners.

I didn’t do any study. I read the book and I finished. T and V left. They’ll get into other trouble if they don’t change their ways. My neighbor P drew a Thinking of You card. It’s nice.

Officer T brought the 602 on 3044 by. I told him I’m not going to pursue it. He said I must’ve gotten some good news. He’s puzzled on why I changed my mind. I didn’t tell him. I tore the 602 up. I just want to lay low. I have things to do.

I goofed off today. I feel all right. I’m not thinking much. Easy to do. Not productive. May things work out for me soon.

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