It was showering periodically on the yard. I like the fresh air. It was not that bad. I talked to D for most of the yard. He’s hooked on the video gam Halo and others. He has lots of issues weight, eating and as a parent. I can see how a lot of Americans are living that life style. I noticed that I can analyst things about an individual and help encourage change. S got transferred to Solano. I did about 30 minutes of exercise. It was wet, but I got an okay pump. I had my shirt off. After I showered and got back to the cell, I felt tired.

I wrote a letter to Lt. L concerning the privilege group D issues. He asked to speak to me. I went to his office and met Captain W, a brother. He got involved in all the interpretation of the rule. They don’t want to give me my Walkman. We beat around the bush for a while. L said he never got my appeal. He said he’ll sign it off when he gets it. That wasted 2 hours of my time. I expressed to Captain W that his analogy on why I’m not allowed my Walkman was the same as Bush’s homeland security propaganda. He went on a whole trip about how Bush is doing the right thing. He went way back to something about two brothers fighting in the womb, some religious stuff. He likes to think he knows what he’s talking about. He said he’ll have to pull me out and talk to me about it. Yeah right. I asked for a phone call. L said next week. We’ll see.

I received a stamped copy of the write on 115. I received a ruling from the Ct. of Appeal that good cause was shown to review my denial writ on transfer. That’s good news. It’s the first step. Hopefully I’ll get an OSC (Order to Show Cause.) I also received the Ag’s response on the third writ. In his exhibit I saw some paperwork that I haven’t gotten. It’s from N and the ICC. They want me out of here so they made up things to damage my character. I sent all my stuff to the lawyer with my comments. Hopefully he’ll be able to handle them. We need to hit on these issues.

I didn’t do anything else all night. I took a nap after dinner and read and sang. I feel a little flu coming on from not wearing my shirt during exercise. I did look at my Statistic. I need to start. I also need to write poems and prose. I sent some stuff to M, the Chinese guy. A asked how Mike’s doing. I told him “they” are messing with him and might be in the hole. I shouldn’t have told him that.

I didn’t get regular mail today. I didn’t get a visit from Shelly in three weeks. I miss the visits. I hope she’s al right. I want to know what’s up with the article. I’m turning in early.

May my family be safe and well. I send my love to all my friends.

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