I did some stretching after I got up. It felt good. I had to go back to sleep because I felt tired. I did some review of stat. I should be able to start the new lesion tomorrow. I need to hurry. There’s urgency.

I received the AG’s response on the second writ concerning property seized in May. It’s weak. I hope the judge will see that. I wrote down my comments to the lawyer. I got the stamped copy from the Court of Appeal. I received C’s visiting approval. I received the 128G from CSR and ICC. I’ll be in ASU (The Hole) until 3/13 or whenever my parole issue is resolved. I didn’t know that ICC requested a 90 day extension to keep me here. That’s what I wanted, but I would like to be on the mainline.

I received the annual letter from Yuri. She put my name and the Asian prisoner issue in her letter. It was inspiring to read her updates of other political prisoners and prisoners of war. They have it way worse than I. I have so much to learn.

I wrote to Mom and Sis to give them an update. I wrote to Yuri, C, Anmol and KW. I told them what happened with my situation. Hopefully I’ll get a visit from C soon.

I kept busy all night. I ate a big lunch and dinner. Things are moving the way we wanted in some ways. I hope that’s what it’s supposed to happen. I trust the Gods to lead me to the right direction. Much love to all my love ones and friends.

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