It’s Saturday. I went to sleep after shower and breakfast. I felt sleepy for some reasons. It made my body weak from sleeping too much. I talked to M for a minute. He wrote me a note and told me a little about himself. He’s Weifan’s friend and crime partner. He’s on meds because he tried to kill himself. He said he hear voices and think people are picking on him. I feel sorry for him He has nine more years to do. He doesn’t understand English well. I wrote a two page letter. I couldn’t help but wonder where’s the help from the Asian community. I tried to give him some hope and life. I’ll do what I can to help him.

I study Statistic for a little. I will do more the next couple of days. The day went by faster the second half. I read the poetry book briefly.

No visit today. I wonder what’s up with S and others. May she be well. I need to watch my diet.

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