It’s a down day. I rested and read the play by Gao Xin Jian. The play is like Greek mythology. I liked it. I’m glad I read it. I want to read his other writings.

I didn’t do much because my light bulbs were out. It got fixed tonight after I told the captain. He took care of business. I wrote to KW and asked him to come visit me. I want to see if he’s willing to take over my writs. I wrote to P and asked her about publishing my writings. She might have some ideas. She wants t be my editor if I write a book. I wrote to S and told her about my visit and writing. I wrote to O in bilingual. She’ll be happy to hear from me.

I didn’t get any mail today. I don’t’ know what they’re doing with my 115 appeal. Hopefully they’re not trying some more underhand stuff.

May I be protected from any more harm. I need to get productive.

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