Mr. K dropped by early to check on my studies. I told him about my status. He’s happy that I started the lessons. Selfish motives? I want to study and review the lessons, but I didn’t get far. I read the Odyssey for a while. Then I read the blender.

G came by. We had good conversation on politic and the community workshop he attended.

I received a letter from P. She sent me some pictures of animals. I appreciate her for checking in with me

I got my 115 appeal back. It’s denied I truly hope the court will dismiss it. It’s totally bogus. I couldn’t make copies tonight. I sent it to KW. I asked him to send the original to my lawyer. He has to decide if he’s going to want to file the writ for me or take care of the Ad Seg issue. I hope to see him next week.

I wrote to S and told her I couldn’t send the article to her as she expected. It’s still being edit. I shared the passing out of baggies story with her. I sent K a letter.

I asked C/O T whether he had inventoried my property. He said it’s still sitting in the property room. He said he heard that I’ll be going back to the mainline. I double checked with him. He said that’s what he had heard. I wish it’s true, but I would bet against it. However, deep inside there is a tiny bit of hope that I would.

The Gods are in control. I just go with the plan. May my friends be well.

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