Yard was cancelled. I got a chance to catch up on some sleep. I got the writing done this morning. I didn’t feel that the article was well written because I rushed it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some critique before I send it out.

I went to the library and did my research and copies. On the way back, I saw some church people were passing out little bags of shampoo, soap and a bible to prisoners. What a way to force religion on people! I was able to talk to L briefly. He offered to help me, but I didn’t need anything from him. It was good seeing L as usual.

I received the A.G’s request for extension on the writ 3. I received letters from P, K, P and PC. I also got some Christmas cards from the chapel I was late after I got back from library. I wrote to A and told her what happened with me. I sent Mom a bday card. It was a surprise to hear from PC. He wanted to interview me, visit me or have me call him. I wrote him back and sent him a visiting form. Let’s see how that turns out. The Guardian read and liked my article. He’s been helpful. K sent me a couple of wedding pictures. She looked happy.

I was tired so I turned in early.

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