The light was dimmed, but my spirit was high. I was determined to finish my article because I had put off it too long. So I stayed up until two in the morning and write. I didn’t finish until this morning. It was difficult for me to write. I got spoiled of having a computer and word processor to do my writing. My concentration was off. I know the writing needs editing. Hopefully I’m not too far off.

I received the injunctions filed in Marin. The A.G. filed the reply on the First Informal response. It denied any violation of course. Hopefully the judge will look at all the evidence and rule in our favor.

I finally received the poem S sent me. P did a great job with the poem from knowing me only a short period. He has a good heart. Say wrote me a support letter with the help of MW. I appreciate his effort. He’s moved back with his Mom. I wrote to A and gave her an update. I shot Say a few lines and encouraged him to do good.

I had a productive day.

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