The mornings are freezing. I went to the yard. There are six people left on the yard. S trimmed my hair for me. No one knows how to cut my hair after H left. I’ll have to wait. It was freezing. We played a game of basketball and shot around. C and I did 10 Brown Eagle. I was able to do 6 straight. C gave me his hook up so we can keep in touch. I like him because we were able to be honest with each other.

I came back and had lunch. My light started to blink. It bothered me. I wrote four letters. I sent K an issue of the Sun. I wrote to S, R, and P. then I spent time to write the article. I hope I can finish it and send it out this week. I’m having a hard time writing it.

My days are flying. However, things are uncertain. I’ll get some news this week about my legal issues. May all my loved ones be well. I had a good day.

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