As expected I was told that I have a visit at 11. After I took a shower I started on writing my article. I was only able to write a few lines. It’s different to get a flow going. Then I went to my visit.

I was out there at about 10:35. Mom and Dad showed up at 11:05. I was glad that they made it on time. We were happy to see each other for the first time in 6 months. They commented on my hair first, then my face. Mom said I looked good. We talked about everything. I was able to talk to Dad for a while. He spoke about the unfairness of the law and system, especial the governor. He was venting and criticizing him. He said he didn’t vote for Davis. He said he had changed his mind about the law in America. He used to think that I must have done something wrong that’s why I didn’t get out. Now he’s aware of the politics and the flawed law. I felt good seeing and listening to him. He was visually upset that I’m still being kept in prison. Mom said Dad finally woke up and realized the truth. I appreciate his sharing. Mom thought that I only had an hour to visit so she kept fighting for the phone with Dad to talk to me. Dad kept hushing her off so he could talk to me. He was very animated. I enjoyed our dialogue. Mom’s leg joint is bothering her. She has health problems. I hope she can take better care of herself. Mom told me everything that she could think of about the family. We laughed a lot.

I had to go the restroom and Mom saw me being handcuffed for the first time. She didn’t like it, but she dealt with it all right. I made sure she’s not tripping. We had two and a half hours of visit. They told me as long as I get out, they’ll take care of the rest. I’m aware that they’re getting older. Dad looked better than Mom. I know the Gods will look out for them. Everyone is doing well. I felt good seeing them. Mom said she sent the money to M. The mail is slow.

I came back and ate lunch. I spent the rest of the day writing my article. I got stuck for a while. I did get some paragraphs done. I want to finish it ASAP. I don’t know how I’m going to end it. I’ll have to get it done.

It’s been a productive day. God bless my parents.

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