I was wondering if I would get a visit from S before I went to the yard. Then I was told that I have a visit at 8:00. I didn’t know if it was S or A since it was so early. I thought if I was S, she’s spoiling me. I start looking forward to see her. S came up around 8 and stayed until 9:20. I told her that she’s spoiling me. She thanked me for giving her the opportunity. She visited W. He sent his love. I told her in detail about the hearing. She’s supportive of me as usual. We always have great conversations. We talked about how people, friends and family are okay with them helping prisoners, but reject them for having relationships. We didn’t have a chance to explore the topic in detail. She’s leaving for Oregon to see her parents. I’ll see her when she comes back. I told her I’ll have the article waiting for her.

I went to yard and talked to D for an hour. We hit off well. I spent the rest of the day writing the article. I’m making progress, but it’s slow. I’m shooting to finish it tomorrow.

My lights went out by the bed. I have a hard time seeing. I received some magazines. The Sun magazine arrived. I’ll send one to K.

KW sent me the two support letters and a note. My lawyer sent me my legal work back and his feelings on the different writs. He’s doing a great job. He’s very encouraging and optimistic. I appreciate that. May he be right. I pray that Mike and Rico are well and take care of business. God bless.

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