My nose was stuffed up last night. I couldn’t even breathe. I thought it was due to food I ate that had caused it. I had a headache so I took an Aspirin and a DIPHENHYDRAMINE. I went to sleep late, I felt better after I got up.

I was hoping for a visit, but no one came. I read the Dec 23 Chronicle and The Cat and Mouse.

I received a letter from J, a card from M, a card from P and a postcard from Father O. He said that TL is in Avenal. J is going home for x-mas, but she didn’t tell me.

I’m reading Gao’s “A Man’s Bible.” I like his writing so far.

I ate well tonight. I had a spread. I got full. My uso looked out for me. The police came by with rubber mallets to check the bars on second tier.

I’m feeling low, but okay. I don’t trip on too much right now.

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