I have a headache. My nose is congested. I’m still feeling sick. My lower back is hurting from sleeping too much. I made a spread and shared with T. I ate a lot. I read.

I went to library. It was raining. I saw the lawyer briefly. I was good to talk to him. I heard the cops are messing with Mike. He might be going to the hole. I got to get some fresh air.

I received a letter from M, Yuri, C, K and MC. I also got a letter from KW. M wanted to come see me, but couldn’t get an appointment. I’m glad that she’s thinking of me. Yuri thanked me for getting the info on E for her. K sent me the articles. C said hi. M sent me a family update letter. It took about 3 months for me to get the letters.

KW sent me back the 115 appeal. He didn’t send it to L as I asked him. The lawyer talked to CC about my issues. I don’t like KW’s inconsistent and nonchalant ways. I wrote to him and told him to help me with the parole situation only. If I get OSC on my writs, I’m asking CC to get appointed. If he doesn’t like it, I’ll fire him.

I wrote to CC and told him my decision. I asked the lawyer to do my writ on the 115. I hope things will work out accordingly.

I wrote to M, Yuri, and K. I’ll write to C and MC Sunday. I have plenty to read. I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow. I got my Harper’s magazine. I feel good receiving some letters today.

May Mike stay strong and wear off the evils. May my family and friends be well. May I be home soon.

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