I can do time like this if I can go home in a few months. It’s easy when I have the necessities: books, paper, pen, food, and stamps. I don’t miss watching TV or listening to music. Maybe it’s because I don’t’ think about it.

I ate well today. Breakfast and leftover for lunch. I didn’t get a visit so I took a nap. I finished reading Cat and Mouse. It’s entertaining. I’m reading Gao’s book. I like it. However, I need to write creatively and study my correspondence course. I’m being lazy. No excuses.

I wrote a letter to C and expressed myself poetically. I wrote a short letter to MC, X’s Mom. I hope he’ll write me.

T (my neighbor) wrote me a note and called a truce with me because he’s hungry. I don’t mind helping him out, but he’s a manipulator. I’ll treat him accordingly.

I’m getting over this cold. I need to exercise again. May I be well soon.

I thought about the book Odyssey as I was reading the Cat and Mouse book. Then I realized what Dong Xi Feng was hinting by giving me that book to read. I’m expressing the Odyssey. Hopefully my road home is here. I’m at the end of my journey home. I will reach the destination soon. What a metaphor.

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