It’s been a long day. I got up debating whether I should shower or not. I recited my closing statement. Then I decided to shower. I was ready for the parole hearing.

I felt peaceful inside. I read the newspaper, took a nap, recited the closing a couple of times. I remembered a song about peace and love. I sang that for a few times and felt peace. I mediated and did the fire of breath. I made myself lunch. Finally, at around 12:30, Officer E escorted me to the board room.

The officer in the broad room asked what was I doing in Ad Seg. They were shocked to see me there. I waited in a 2 x 3 cage. CS was there for his hearing. We talked briefly. He came out after 40 minutes. He just hopes he doesn’t get a two years denial. I talked to him about his health and other topic. I talked to his attorney AS for a few minutes.  It took a while for the deliberation. I told CS that he’ll either get a date or a split decision. I found out later on he got a split decision. Good for him.

I talked to my attorney KW at about 3:10. We went over the 115 issue and my request for postponing the hearing pending appeal. We agreed that we’re ready. He was dressed sharp in his suit.

The camera crew showed up. We were mic. Around 3:45, we stated the hearing. I’d never seen the commissioners Mr. R and Deputy Commissioner L. We went through our normal procedures. Then got into my crime. Mr. R didn’t ask me too many questions. I did my best to talk about the crime and expressed my remorse. I was thrown off by their lack of questioning. Mr. L went into the self-help and my 115. He harped on the 115. I explained to him my version of the situation. KW asked for a postponement if they’re going to use the 115 to deny my parole. They didn’t go for it. We talked about my parole plan and support. I had 27 support letters. However, they didn’t want to read them into the record. I asked them to do so, but Mr. R refused. KW did a great job on the closing statement. He made sure to state the legal aspect of their decision cannot base on my crime. He covered what the board neglected to mentioned. I made my statement. I felt rehearsed and stiff until the end. I was able to cover all that I wanted to say. I got choked up at the last couple of sentences. We stopped for deliberation.

The commissioners asked to use the phone. Five minutes later, they were ready for a decision. They decided to continue the hearing until my appeal on the 115 is finalized. Mr. L felt that it was an important factor in deciding my suitability. They’ll probably see me in about 2 months. That’s a good sign. It’s what I wanted at first. It’s a small victory for me. By the time I go back, the 115 should get dismissed. Maybe a couple of my Ad Seg issues will be heard by then. My lawyer will be happy. I asked KW if he will help me with my Ad Seg issues. He said yes. I’ll have to confer with my friend first.

Officer D gave me a rundown on what he thought about my hearing. He was very observant. I got back to the cell around 5:45. I felt good and a little excited about my chances and my future. I want to be home next year. I couldn’t eat my dinner right away because I was pumped.

I received a letter from the Attorney General asking for a 45 days extension on the second order dealing with my Ad Seg detainment. I got my Harper’s magazine for December. I didn’t get my November issue.

I wrote to J and told her what happened. I sent a bday card to Alton. He won’t be able to read it, but his Mom will read it. I hope she appreciates my gesture to reach out to Alton. I wrote to KW and gave him some information I got from the C/O. He’ll be glad to hear that. I wrote to A and thanked her and her crew for being there. I’m sure she’ll let G know what had transpired. I wrote to Mom, but it was too late to send the letter out. I asked KW to call Sis. She’ll tell Mom what happened.

I thank all the Gods, people and spirits who are looking out for me. All the prayers paid off. I shall be released.

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