Mike came and went. He went to court this morning and went back to Avenal. I didn’t get the full scope on the condition there, but it didn’t sound good. I wonder when we’ll get back together.

I was able to stay consistent in studying my statistic. I’m making progress. I should get a lesson out on Sunday night. I went to library to do research and copy.

It’s good to go for a walk and see my friend. My lawyer filed a request for extension on informal reply. Hopefully I can stay here until all issues are resolved.

After I got back to the cell, I got some mail. I received a letter from S, J, K, M, A and M. S sent some photos and gave me some news on Rico. K wrote a 6 page letter sharing her past and present with me. She’s a talker with pen. She shared some private things with me. I appreciate her trust. A wrote to check in on me. J sent a copy of his support letter and words of encouragement. M sent a letter of support. She expressed her reasoning for asking me the tough question. I was a little hard on her. M sent a support letter and a shot note. She’s busy. Her grammar is tore up like mine.

I wrote to W and sent him my support letters. I wrote to CC and sent him the extension order. I wrote to J, A and M to thank them. I received the denial of counsel from Judge A. I received the stay copies of request for counsel and the latest writ. I sent the 602 on 3335 out again.

It’s been a busy afternoon and night. I enjoyed receiving letters from friends. I hope things will get better for all of us soon.

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