I spent a few hours studying statistic. I’m determined to finish my first lesson this month. I know I should be writing my article and reviewing my transcript. I’m not getting my priority straight.

I received a letter from W. He’ll come see me next week. We’ll talk about strategy to approach the parole hearing. I was hoping to receive letters from friends, but I didn’t. Then later in the evening, Officer B gave me a piece of mail from B. I was thinking about her. The C/O was reading my magazine. B sent me the latest issue of Mother Jones. Surprisingly I was allowed to have it. B had a short commentary in it. She said her friend M is interested in writing about my plight. She apologized for not writing and kept in touch. It’s good to hear from her. I wrote her and gave her an update

I sent P a Bday card, not much to say. I wrote to Mom just to say hi. I heard someone called my name. It sounded too familiar. Then I realized it was Mike. He’s lay over from going to court. I don’t’ know if I’ll be able to see him. What a trip!

The day was productive. I have to work on my article. I feel pretty good.

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