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Election Day

Nov 08, 2011
» Reflections

I spent all day working around precincts 3311 and 3329 to check in with voters and did poll check at Pier 1. The advantage of walking and working those precincts was the location was scenic. The disadvantage was I couldn’t go into the buildings to talk to voters since many of them lived in apartments. The voter turn out was low.

At the end of the day when Mayor Ed Lee had a commanding lead in the poll. The party was on at the Palace Hotel in downtown. My highlight of the night was taking a picture with MC Hammer.

Supervisor John Avalos ran a strong and honest campaign. I like that.

I’m glad the election was over. It’s time to hold the politicians accountable.


It was wet and cold in the morning, but I went to the yard anyway. It’s the first time raining on a yard day in Ad Seg. The rain stopped after a couple of hours. I shot the basketball around and walked for a while. Then I took a shower. I kicked it with C for a while. He’s the one I can talk to.

I received a letter from Yuri. She sent a short post it and the copy of support letter she wrote for me. She’s old, but she still has an alert mind.

I received a return from sender letter. It was the letter I sent to B. She changed address. I’ll try again.

I read the rest of the night and didn’t do much. I went to sleep early. I wasn’t motivated.