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Election Day

Nov 08, 2011
» Reflections

I spent all day working around precincts 3311 and 3329 to check in with voters and did poll check at Pier 1. The advantage of walking and working those precincts was the location was scenic. The disadvantage was I couldn’t go into the buildings to talk to voters since many of them lived in apartments. The voter turn out was low.

At the end of the day when Mayor Ed Lee had a commanding lead in the poll. The party was on at the Palace Hotel in downtown. My highlight of the night was taking a picture with MC Hammer.

Supervisor John Avalos ran a strong and honest campaign. I like that.

I’m glad the election was over. It’s time to hold the politicians accountable.


It was wet and cold in the morning, but I went to the yard anyway. It’s the first time raining on a yard day in Ad Seg. The rain stopped after a couple of hours. I shot the basketball around and walked for a while. Then I took a shower. I kicked it with C for a while. He’s the one I can talk to.

I received a letter from Yuri. She sent a short post it and the copy of support letter she wrote for me. She’s old, but she still has an alert mind.

I received a return from sender letter. It was the letter I sent to B. She changed address. I’ll try again.

I read the rest of the night and didn’t do much. I went to sleep early. I wasn’t motivated.

Run, Ed, Run!

Jun 21, 2011
» Events

I am honored to Co-Chair the campaign to support San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.  Please join us at the grand opening of our campaign office on Saturday, June 25, 2011!


SF Mayor Ed Lee for Re-Election

A Message from Our Co-Chairs

We are excited by the outpouring of support that our Run, Ed, Run campaign has received in its first week!  And we have much more planned to get the word out and to spread the message:  We want Mayor Ed Lee to run in November!
This weekend, we will hold a grand opening of our campaign office.  And we would like you to attend:

Run, Ed, Run Campaign Office Opening

Saturday, June 25th
1565 Mission Street (at S. Van Ness)

We hope to see you there!
Co-Chairs Supporting Ed Lee

Ed Head PrideGear Up for PRIDE

Next Sunday, join your fellow Ed Heads at Gay Pride! We’ll be mobilizing teams of volunteers to pass out Run, Ed, Run stickers and materials during the Pride parade and festival.

Come get your PRIDE on, and show that ‘Ed Head‘ spirit!!!

Meet us at the Run, Ed, Run office at 9:30am (corner of Mission and South Van Ness)!
We’ll have some food and drinks (coffee!) in the morning before we head out.

How Do You Want To Get Involved?

There are so many ways to help out and get involved–that are just a click away…

Run Ed, Run!

Sign Our Petition

Go to now to sign our petition and send a message to Ed!

Get A House Sign

Show us your support in the most colorful way. Put up a Run Ed Run sign in your home! Click here to request a sign or give us a call at (415) 483-5659.

Smile For Our Photobooth

We love to show off our beautiful Ed Head supporters! Want to be featured in our Mustache Revolution Gallery? Set up a time with our Photobooth volunteers.  We’ll come to you!


Donations small and large are accepted to keep our movement going. Ed needs to see how much support he has in the community. Make a contribution online today or mail in a check to:

Progress for All
110 Pacific Ave #334
San Francisco, CA 94111

Checks should be payable to Progress for All. State law requires that we use our best efforts to collect and report the name, address, occupation and employer for each individual whose contribution exceeds $100 in a calendar year. Also, please indicate if you are retired, homemaker, student, self-employed or unemployed.


Jan 07, 2011
» Reflections

It’s definitely a night of celebration in San Francisco politic today. Ed Lee, who is the City Administrator received 10 to 1 vote to become the first Chinese American Mayor in San Francisco.

Jane Kim had her community celebration party in Chinatown to prepare for her term as the first Korean American Board of Supervisor in San Francisco. Everyone who is anyone from the city political scene was there, except for outgoing Board of Supervisor Chris Daly. Too much drama going on there.

I spoke with Mayor Willie Brown and thanked her for his support.

I thanked Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi for his support of my pardon. He said that I made it easy for him to support me. He expressed that he strongly believe in reentry. He said that we never talk one on one and suggested that we should get together. I told him I will contact his office to set up a time to meet. I look forward to exchanging ideal with him on different issues effecting the incarcerated. I appreciate his openness.

It’s good to see Asian Americans being more involve in politics, especially young people. I look forward to working with them in some capacity.