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“We are always told by adults what it is to be good and or be bad; yet we don’t realize that the environment that we live in creates a lot of those narratives….When we place education second to incarceration; that is what feeds the system.”

#FREEAMERICA is a multi-year campaign initiated by award-winning artist John Legend to amplify the growing movement to end mass incarceration.

As part of the #FREEAMERICA initiative, which will expand to include other artists and high-profile individuals committed to justice reform, John Legend will lead a listening and learning tour across the country visiting with incarcerated individuals, law enforcement, legislators, and experts who’ve been thinking critically about America’s prison problem.

Legend’s initiative will also seek to support and collaborate with the many pre-existing national and statewide coalitions and organizations committed to this work.

For more information on #FreeAmerica, click here.

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Interviewed on KPFA’s Letters to Washington | audio link

Letters to Washington

As Congress faces such burning issues as healthcare, global warming and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pacifica’s Mitch Jeserich hosts “Letters and Politics” a look at national politics from a progressive perspective.

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Interviewed on KPFA’s APEX Express | audio link

APEX Express

Apex Express comes to you with an Asian Pacific Islander point of view.

Apex has an ear and eye on the best community and cultural aspirations of a diverse Diaspora.

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