When D told me that I have a visit at 9:30, I couldn’t believe it. I went out to the yard and talked to T. He showed me his 115 adjudication. It’s obvious that the Lieutenant fabricated statements to justify finding him guilty. He also received a 128G stating the reason why he’s to be locked up again. Officer M was upset that T was out of the hole. I asked him if he’s going to appeal the 115. He said yes, but he’s not doing anything until he goes to another prison. I told him he has t make sure he meets the time constraints and exhaust the administrative remedy. He has a different way of thinking. Though he told me that he’s innocent, I don’t believe him a hundred percent. He swore to God that he’s telling the truth, but he’s not a practicing Christian.

I taught Ma how to do the Sun Salutation. He’s slow, but he caught on after a while. He has a glazed look in his eyes. It was cold, but nice outside after the rain. It was a beautiful day for the anti-war march. I went to my visit at 9:25.

Roger was waiting when I got there. He was early. We talked about politics, family, friendship and work. He talks a lot so I listen. He taught me about the oil situation in Taiwan, China, Japan and the US. I had some good laughs. He’s thinking about quitting his job and finding another one. He has no time for himself. His Dad’s bday was on 2/14. He left at 11. I appreciate him.

I was lucky. I had 3 visits this week. What a blessing!

I have a cold. Somehow I caught it from someone. I think it’s Ma when I fish with him. I don’t feel well. I need to rest. I didn’t do anything, but slept in the afternoon. Ma woke me up and said he’s hearing voice. He said the voice told him to get out. He took a red pill. It’s the first time he heard voices since he been in Ad Seg. I had to talk to him and take his mind away from the present. We talked about our childhood in China. We chatted until dinner time. He felt better afterward.

I didn’t feel well physically, but I forced myself to listened and talk to Ma. I read the newspaper and ate and chatted with Ma some more. Big homie hooked me up with the legal fee. That’s cool. I don’t’ want to keep pestering him. I’m turning in early tonight. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. May god look out for me.

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