I got up, did yoga, showered and at breakfast. I was expecting Anmol to come see me at 12:30. Ma moved in to 37. Now I can help him out more. We talked for a long time. He told me that he attempted to commit suicide for a few months after he was arrested. He couldn’t handle the time and started to hear voices. Since he’s been in the hole, he hasn’t been hearing voices. He feels better.

Anmol came late because he had to change his pants. It was a hassle by the Officer, always inconsistent in the dress code. We took advantage of our time. He asked lots of questions on what he should do with the Asian Prisoners Support Committee. I gave him my feedback. He mentioned that S felt that she’s not out getting the support from the people on Mike’s issue on segregation. I understand her frustration. Anmol said that people didn’t understand the issues and it’s hard to go to hearings on a weekday. Anmol told me about the chaotic situation outside with the war. He’s going to the march tomorrow. He thought about how we can get P to tape the radio commentary. He told me this Korean lady Ishle Yi Pak is involved in the committee. He had asked Bao Phi, a Vietnamese poet to perform in the event. He thought of his friend Victor Hwang, who is a lawyer and Yuri’s daughter. They can help me. Let’s see how that turns out. Anmol talks a lot. We had more time to dialogue. I appreciate his help and enthusiasm. I felt good about the future.

I wrote more to the lawyer and sent him my thoughts and update.  I felt tired after dinner so I took a nap. It’s raining at night. The Chinese parade got wet. I didn’t do much except for talking to Ma. I pray that I’ll win in the courts soon. May my friends Liebb be healthy and alert. May my parents, family and friends be well. T got locked up again.

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