I’ve been up all day. I cooked lunch for Mike and I. We ate and brainstormed on different avenues to get help. He encouraged me to start soliciting for help from friends. I have to make my family and friends understand that I’m fighting for my life. I have to make myself understand that urgency. I’m going to make the necessary changes to get disciplined.

I responded to the lawyer’s comments. I expressed how I felt about our strategy in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully we can find some creative ways to get some reliefs.

I was able to talk to Mom and Dad for about ten minutes. I told Mom to get her doctor to write a note to verify her illnesses. I also informed her about Mike’s Mom and brother’s willingness to help. Mom told me N is in Canada and won’t be back until next Sunday. I told her I need Sis to help me regardless her busy schedules. She’s travelling in the country in March. She’ll be in China in April. I need to get a hold of her.

I talked to Sgt. C for a while. He’s eating with his partner. We chatted briefly. He won’t be working here anymore. I called A, Y and B, but no one was home. I got a hold of A. He was in San Jose. He’s surprised to hear from me. I told him what’s going on. He’ll try to come see me next Sunday. He said he’s in the committee, but doesn’t really know what to do. I told him  that I’ll ease his mind and give him some ideas. It’s good talking to him. He’s getting complacent and asked me to push him.

I studied some Jiujitsu techniques. I wish I could spar with a partner. I like a lot of the techniques. I need to remember some of them. My night slipped away. I didn’t get to write my letters. I want to shoot about fifteen letters out tomorrow night. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it. It’ll be a short day tomorrow.

Mike and I talked a lot through the day. I enjoyed his company. I pray that this ordeal will be over soon for all of us and we’ll win. It’ll be wonderful to be able to get out of prison this year.

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