It was nice outside. East Block didn’t come out. I di yoga, dive bombers and ran some laps. I felt good. The sun was out shining. I walked around with T and listened to his venting. He repeated the same story. I know he’s angry at the injustice. I enjoyed the yard time.

I took a nap and was wakened by the Officer passing out mail. He gave me two legal mails. One was from the Ct. of Appeal. Both of my writs were denied. That is a hard blow. I wrote to the lawyer and sent him the result. We have to do some evaluation on what steps to take. I want to go all the way. I received the letter for M to the warden and psychiatrist. CC took care of business. I wrote a 602 for M on getting him a translator. J sent me a paper cut out of blessing in Chinese character for new year. She only wrote a short note, but it cost her 12.8 yuan. That’s too much postage. I appreciate it.

Mike and I discussed and brainstormed on what my options are and strategies. He encouraged me to write letter to friends and solicit help.  I’m going to go on a writing campaign. I need to step up. We talked for a while. J wrote him recently. Mike told me C got twins – a boy and a girl. I’m happy for her, but I don’t have any contact with them.

I wrote to the lawyer and responded to his questions. Let’s hope we can come up with a plan. I’m relying on the higher power to protect me and relying on myself and my friends to help me to win. It’s good having Mike around. He helped encourage me and gave me plans. I need to rewrite my article to make it more powerful – show and not tell. Mike gave me some ideas. I appreciate that. May we overcome all obstacles.

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