Quarter Century Flashback

Tonight I attended San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s invitation only inauguration dinner. Some of the noticeable people there were: Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsome, Mayor Willie Brown, Mayors from Los Angeles and Atlanta, members of the Board of Supervisors and MC Hammer. Though I felt honor to be a part of the celebration, I didn’t feel like I belong there.

As I sat at the table and enjoying the live music being played, I found myself slipped into a zone. I realized today is the 25th anniversary of my crime. How fast time has passed and how long the pain has lasted! My apology to the victims of my crime will not change what had happened. However, I am sorry for the poor decision that I made that inflicted a lifetime of pain and suffering to  the victims. Somehow and someway I hope time will ease the pain for those who are still suffering. I can only continue to pay forward and not take anything for granted.

Life is full of possibilities.



Yard was cancelled due to the need to search in A.C. (Adjustment Center) and East Block. A cop lost a plastic letter opener. It’s stupid.

I was woken up at 2:30 am by the Officers. They had a cell extraction on A (my neighbor.) I was escorted to the hospital to wait in the cage. When I walked through C-section door, the light from the camera was pointed at my face. (The Officers uses video camera to record the process of extraction due to lawsuits filed on them.) I learned more about the extraction process. I went back to my cell around 3:10am. A was sprayed with OSC pepper spray. He was laughing because he got what he wanted – move to East Block. I could smell the pepper spray and it was choking me. I can still smell it now when I get close to the bars. I’ll write about it.

I got my sleep in the morning. I went to the library. I didn’t get my legal mail. I talked to L for a minute and said hi to S, Mr. B and ER. The guardian had to leave early so I only chatted with him a few minutes. I was quiet in the library. I read about DK’s story in the Chronicle newspaper. E told me J was featured in Sunday’s paper. They’re trying to get out too.

I received a letter from E. That’s good. I wrote her back and asked her to write the support letter and sign a petition. I got a letter from LA’s detention ministry. I wrote B a short letter and asked her to come see me. Let’s see how she reacts.

I did a little review on Statistic. I’ll start a new lesson tomorrow. It’s been an exciting day. I want to write, but I’ll wait. I pray that the Court of Appeal will reverse Judge A’s decision on my transfer. The lawyer took care of my writ and gave me advice on what needs to be done.

May I prevail in my fight for freedom and in the First Amendment issues. All glory to the creator. May my family and friends are well.

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