My neighbor boarded up his cell from the inside so the Officers can’t open his cell. He wants out of C-section so this is his way out. The Officers attempted to open the door, but couldn’t. Instead of cell extract him, they decided to leave him alone. I think they were sure that he wouldn’t hurt himself. It’s a big gamble, but they don’t care, I guess. He refused his dinner tray. He’ll try to take this stand until they move him or until he changes his mind. I gave him a couple of soups so he won’t go hungry.

I tried studying my course on Statistic, but I couldn’t seem to concentrate. I need to get discipline and do it. I’m wasting time.

I sent J some food, but he ended up going back to the mainline at night. Officer J called me to move just to mess with me. He wanted me to get out the hole. I appreciate that. I knew it was a joke.

I received a letter from J dated 12/10. She’s clear about her plan with ZY. She’ll leave him in May and come back to Cali. Her parents are worried because they don’t know her plan. She’ll have a different time leaving, but not as difficult as ZY. They went Shanghai for a few days. J has travelled a bit in China. I didn’t write anymore. I wrote to J for a little. I’ll send the letter to her in the next day or two.  I should get more mail tomorrow.

I’m reading the mystery book by Lisa Garner. I like it.

I ate two fishes tonight courtesy of B. He treats me well these days.

I’m in limbo and don’t know my status in Ad Seg. It’s all about one day at a time. God bless me.

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