Finally, I was able to get on the phone and talked to Mom. A answered the phone. He’s getting smarter. I talked to Dad briefly. Mom said she sent three letters out to me along with $200 and some pictures. P lost four thousand on the Super Bowl. Mom vented her frustration with R. Mom told me A and A called 911 after Dad took some rolls of films from them. The police showed up, but R was able to explain the situation. R tried to blame Mom for the incident. She’s tripping. I don’t like her at all, but I can’t say anything negative. I talked to Mom for 22 minutes. She’s bothered by arthritis. I feel for her.

I received a letter from J. she didn’t write from Huntington Beach. It’s great to hear from her. She sent me some puppy stickers. I wrote her a couple of pages telling her about Mom’s situation, but I was pissed off. I decided to tear the pages up and rewrote it. I wrote a couple of pages, but I didn’t send it. I’ll finish it tomorrow.

I wrote a short note to A and thanked her for being a friend to me. I received the stamped copy on the last writ. The judge denied my writ. She said that I didn’t exhaust. I did, but she didn’t look at it thoroughly. I’m pissed about her decision. She’s not being fair. So far she denied all my writs. I have one more writ waiting for her ruling. I don’t know how things will work out for me. I need to win.

I looked at some statistic briefly. I need to get busy. I’ll have to work harder on studying.

May the Gods smile on me and protect me.

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